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National Recovery Technologies (NRT)


Infrared sorting system


The SpydIR®-R is an advanced infrared sorting system that separates numerous selected polymers from a mixed stream. It uses proprietary technology and fast, highly-sensitive algorithms to rapidly identify unique polymer signatures from their infrared spectra. SpydIR® is the only technology that uses PET Boost™ that improves detection of thin-wall PET, wet PET and full-sleeve labeled PET. While other optical sorters detect material over the belt and eject some time later, NRT offers In-Flight Sorting®, which detects and ejects material in flight. In-Flight Sorting® enables the use of transmissive detection and eliminates motion-related error and belt interference, increasing purity levels and hit rates


Features & Benefits

  • In-Flight Sorting® provides unbeatable purity and hit rates

  • Industry leading signal-to-noise ratio is ideal for thin-wall PET

  • High speed identification with throughput rates exceeding 16,000 lb/hr

  • Remote diagnostics, adjustments and upgrades

  • Width sizes from 36" to 120"

  • Sorts 1-7 plastics in any combination

  • Separate WEEE plastics into user-defined polymer groups

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