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TOMRA Sorting Solutions


Recycling Sorting System


Now in its fourth generation, the FINDER specializes in effectively separating high purity metal fractions from even the most difficult fractions in terms of composition, grain size and mix from mixed waste and metal streams.


Features & Benefits

  • Metal recovery: EM3
    Sorting out all Metals

  • Zurik recovery: EM3
    Recovery of solid Metals

  • Stainless Steel recovery: EM3, EM3-NIR1
    Recovery of Stainless Steel

  • Stainless Steel cleaning: EM3, EM3-NIR1
    Sorting out impurities from Stainless Steel concentrate like polymers, Wires etc.,

  • Printed Circuit Board recovery: EM3-NIR1
    Recovery of Printed Circuit Boards

  • Polymer recovery: EM3-NIR1
    Recovery of all visible Polymers or Special Polymers like HIPS, ABS, PP, PE etc.

  • Wire recovery: EM3, EM3-NIR1
    Recovery of insulated Wire, Copper Wire