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TOMRA Sorting Solutions


Recycling Sorting System


As the most flexible sorting system within TOMRA Sorting Recycling's product family, the AUTOSORT combines detection of color and enhanced material information resulting in a multifunctional system that optimizes effectiveness across a broad variety of applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Polymer Sorting: NIR1, NIR1-NIR2, NIR1-VIS, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Sorting of e.g. beverage cartons, PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, EPS, ABS by type of material

  • Mixed Paper Removal: NIR1, NIR1-NIR2, NIR1-VIS, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Removing paper from a mixed input stream

  • C&D Sorting: NIR1-NIR2, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Organic/non-organic sorting

    Producing an RDF fraction, with additional stone/ timber distinction

  • PET/PE Sorting: NIR1-VIS, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Sorting of PET/PE by color, e.g. light blue, clear,..

  • Wood Cleaning: NIR1-VIS, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Producing a clean timber fraction by removing painted and coated wood

  • Paper Plus: NIR1-VIS, NIR1-NIR2-VIS
    Producing a clean deinking fraction

  • PET botttle/Tray Sorting: NIR1, NIR1-VIS
    Producing a clean PET bottle fraction

  • HDPE/LDPE Sorting: NIR1, NIR1-VIS
    Producing a clean HDPE or LDPE fraction

  • Metal Removal: Option - electromagnetic (EM) sensor
    Removing all metals