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Complete end-to-end solutions!

Eriez' metal separation equipment provides “best-in-class” metal recovery rates. From ferrous through nonferrous recovery, Eriez equipment is helping to achieve better recovery and a higher-grade product while delivering it at a lower cost per ton. Eriez' metal recovery equipment, either as individual units or complete systems, is designed for efficient and economical processing of municipal solid waste, comingled recyclables, shredded automobiles, electronic scrap, glass cullet, plastic (PET), foundry sand and many other resource recovery operations. Eriez equipment includes: Ferrous recovery… The CleanStream® Process

  • P-Rex® Scrap Drums
  • Shred1® Ballistic Separators
  • PokerSort®

Nonferrous recovery:

  • RevX-E® Eddy Current Separators
  • ProSort II Airless Metal Recovery
  • FinesSort®
  • DensitySort®
Shred1™ Ballistic Separator

The Shred1™ Ballistic Separator produces a low copper ferrous product using ballistics to efficiently separate iron-rich ferrous from mixed metal in the post drum magnet flow.

Eriez PokerSort

PokerSort™ extracts long, troublesome pokers like automotive leaf springs, tie rods, steering and axle components and other generally uncooperative long shapes directly from the shred before the drum magnet.

P-Rex Scrap Drum

P-Rex® Scrap Drum, strongest drum magnet in the world, has a deep reach, exceptionally large pick-up zone enabling it to capture heavy spheres such as meatballs and knuckles at a greater distance. It recovers 99% of ferrous products.

DensitySort Media Free

DensitySort® quickly sorts nonferrous fines into fractions of “lights”, Twitch and Zebra greatly improving their value.

Eddy Current Separators

Scrapyard with Eriez Recycling and Metal Recovery Products. Nonferrous material heads to Eddy Current Separators at American Iron & Metal International in Millville, NJ.

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