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TOMRA Sorting Solutions - AUTOSORT FLAKE Recycling Sorting Systems

Continuing its pioneering tradition, TOMRA Sorting’s AUTOSORT FLAKE is the first to successfully combine detection of color, enhanced material information and metal resulting in an exceptionally effective system that optimizes flake sorting applications.

As a clear example of partnering with our customers to develop optimal results, AUTOSORT FLAKE combines field proven mechanical setup with experienced in-house R&D to result in another first in its field: analysis and sorting flakes precisely by color AND material (including metal) at the same time. As a result of its innovative technology and mechanical construction, AUTOSORT FLAKE provides its customers with the best possible throughput using a single machine while ensuring constant and high-quality output.


Key Specifications
Weight 1850 kg
Power Consumption 10 kW
Nozzle distance 4 mm
Valve Block Model TS100B

Company Info

875 Embarcadero Drive
West Sacramento, CA
US, 95605


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