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Pellenc ST's latest top speed option sorts film at 4.5m/s

Pellenc ST's latest version films-sorting machine, Mistral+ Film Top Speed addresses one of the key requirements of LDPE recyclers - higher capacities. A standard optical sorter, without LDPE-specific features, can usually sort 1.5 tph input materials. According to Pellenc ST, the Mistral+ Film Top Speed was aimed at reaching capacities up to 4.5 tph.

​PELLENC ST and SESOTEC agree to partnership

Pellenc ST and Sesotec GmbH recently concluded a new partnership to complement their market and product portfolio in the high-tech recyclables sorting sector. This agreement covers the distribution of flake sorting equipment for plastics recycling applications in France, Japan and the UK and sensor-based sorting equipment for End-of-Life Vehicles, Metal scrap and the WEEE-recycling markets in France and Japan. For other territories and other waste sorting applications, new opportunities will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Mistral+ optical sorter latest from Pellenc ST

Pellenc ST's new Mistral+ optical sorter, introduced at this year's IFAT, is the result of a 4‐year development involving over 30 engineers. The company says extensive feedback coming from clients, the customer service team and employees were taken into account to design this piece of equipment, and that the Mistral+ is built on the experience of over 1,200 Mistral machines installed all over the world, over the past 15 years. In addition, significant investments have been made to ensure the qualification of each component and subsystem, including over 10 endurance testing sessions and thousands of hours of field and lab testing carried out to ensure the best reliability and performance.

Mistral dual vision sorting technology helps recover white ledger

Pellenc recently announced the start-up of a Mistral MDV 2800 dual sort machine on the fibres line at Service Sani-Tri Inc. in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. This equipment is part of Pellenc’s new Mistral Dual Vision series equipped with a near-infrared and a colour spectrometer, which allows for the detection and ejection of white ledger in a fibres line. In addition to positively sorting up white ledger, this versatile machine also positively ejects down plastics, asceptics and metals going onto a containers line. 

Infrared separator

The Mistral separator machine, uses Infra Red technology and has been upgraded to recognize more and more polymers, and especially very similar types of polymer bottles like LDPE and HDPE bottles. The Mistral mix-Plastics is designed to recognize and to sort up to 20 polymers at the same time with up to 95 percent purity. Also the combination of two technologies (NIR +Vision) allows the separation of plastics by type and by colour. For example, the unit distinguishes between PET (clear, green,), HPDE (Natural, coloured), mix plastics (#3-7) and milk cartons.