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CP Group traces its roots back to the scrap metals industry, the forerunner of the modern recycling industry.

CP's parent company, IMS Recycling Systems was founded in 1954 by Charles M. Davis as a buyer and seller of scrap metals. After inventing the world's first commercial aluminum can flattener, Davis formed CP Manufacturing, incorporated in 1977.

By the late 1980's, curbside collection of recyclables was on the rise. CP Manufacturing recognized recycling as the next big industry, so it began designing and engineering equipment to sort recyclables.

In 1990, CP Manufacturing's first commingled sorting system was installed in Illinois. Later, OCC and Fiber Sort Lines were added to the designs of CP's material recovery facilities.

In August 2003, CP Manufacturing acquired MSS, a company specializing in optical sorting solutions. 

In late 2004, CP acquired Krause Manufacturing, the world leader in construction and demolition separation equipment and material recovery facilities. 

In early 2012, CP acquired Advanced MRF, specializing in intelligent motor controls and seamless plant-wide data acquisition.

Today, CP Manufacturing and the CP Group have provided equipment for 6 continents and have designed, manufactured and installed over 400 Material Recovery Facilities, and over 10,000 pieces of UBC processing equipment. We continue to lead the industry with innovative design, quality construction and unsurpassed customer service.

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