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  • MSW sorting systems
    MSW sorting systems
  • Front-end waste to energy systems
    Front-end waste to energy systems
  • Single Stream Recycling System
    Single Stream Recycling System

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Spotlight on single-ram horizontal balers

The Bollegraaf HBC 120 S single-ram horizontal baler.

Single-ram horizontal balers are the most common type of baler employed in MRFs and other large-scale recycling facilities for compressing and readying recovered paper, plastics and other recyclables for transport downstream to end markets. Also referred to as a channel baler, these machines use a single-ram or cylinder to compress, move and eject material in a continuous cycle). They are ideal for high-production recycling facilities processing paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and UBCs, and are very adaptable to handle a range of other materials, including everything from textiles to metals.

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Paper Recycling

“Future-Proofing” the MRF

MSS, Inc., part of the CP Group, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has supplied a over 28 CIRRUS FiberMax optical sorter units for customers across North America, and says more units are on order. According to Greg Thibado, MSS vice president, "Since it was unveiled a little over a year ago, the FiberMax optical sorter has been a very popular choice for MRF operators who want to optimize fibre quality and reduce manual sorter head count at the same time, providing the cleanest fibre at high volumes."

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C&D Recycling
Waste Diversion

AI-powered robotic waste sorting system installed at Zanker Recycling facility

The ZenRobotics sorting system layout.

San Jose-based Zanker Recycling, a U.S. leader in construction and demolition (C&D) materials processing systems and recycling, has announced that its awarding a contract to Plexus Recycling Technologies, the North American distributor of ZenRobotics the world's leading, and most experienced AI robotics team for sorting waste materials. The ZenRobotics ZRR2 AI Robot will be the second to operate in the U.S. and operational by fall 2018.

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