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Experience Results with Machinex Solutions

Machinex uses innovative solutions to design and produce custom-made sorting and recycling technologies for Material Recovery Facilities, Municipal Solid Waste and Construction & Demolition debris. Machinex provides you the system you need- a dependable, durable, high-performance equipment tailored to your specific requirements. Machinex also offers a full range of high quality recycling equipment such as disc screen separators, ballistic separator, optical sorters, trommels, magnets, conveyors, balers, compactors, and more.

Single-Stream Sorting System

Machinex Single-Stream Recycling Solutions are custom-engineered to maximize output based on customer specific needs, from 5 to 50 tph or more. We optimize our systems so as to insure efficiency resulting in unequalled purity.

MSW Sorting System

With Machinex Front- End Processing equipment, recycling is maximized in any waste treatment plant.

Construction & Demolition Sorting System

The Machinex C&D Recycling System is made to separate comingled debris: wood, metal, cardboard, plastics, Styrofoam©, gypsum, asphalt shingles, and mixed rock.

MACH Ballistic Separator

The MACH Ballistic separator is designed for sorting 2D materials (plastic film, paper, cardboard and fibers) and 3D materials (containers, plastic bottles, cans, stone, wood, etc.). Fine particles can be collected separately with the optional variable screen openings.

Single-Ram Baler

Introducing the most innovative combined Pre-Press & Shear High-capacity Single-Ram Extrusion Horizontal Balers. Machinex designed and built advanced new balers that process up to 85 tons of material per hour and deliver optimal bale density.

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