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 MSS Inc. is a division of the CP Group of Companies (2012)

Aladdin optical sorting technology 

 Designed for high-capacity optical sorting of plastic bottles by resin type and colour, MSS Inc's Aladdin, standard module, generates two or three output streams from one input stream. In a split configuration it can sort two input streams at the same time generating a total of up to six outputs.  

The Aladdin has integrated color and near infrared (NIR) sensing, providing precise plastic resin and color identification simultaneously in one module. An integrated automated sensor cleaning system also ensures maximum uptime. The Aladdin can also separate opaque from transparent objects and provides double signal intensity for transparent objects (light-blue PET, PVC/PET).  

Incoming material is distributed over the machine width and travels underneath the sensor array, which is mounted on top and at the end of a high/speed acceleration belt.   NIR and color sensors identify material type and color of all objects passing through the sensor. State-of-the-art electronics process the detected signals and activate air valves which eject the targeted material upward/downward into a chute.  

A touchscreen user interface allows full setup control. Factory software upgrades and advanced diagnostics are available via modem /network connection.  

A-1600-3 - Sorting Capacity 4.0 tons/hr  
Sorting Efficiency 90-95% 
Electrical Requirements approx. 10kW 
Air Pressure 100 psi / 7 bar   

A-2000-3 - sorting capacity 5.0 tons/hr
sorting efficiency - 90-95%
Electrical Requirements approx. 12kW
Air Pressure 100 psi / 7 bar   

Smaller or larger machine sizes are available upon request, and a variety of options are available.  

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​Dem-Con MRF retrofit to be complete this summer with addition of MSS CIRRUS optical sorters

Between summer 2017 and 2018, Dem-Con Materials Recovery in Shakopee, Minnesota retrofitted their single-stream MRF with three new MSS CIRRUS optical sorters for fiber from CP Group. The units increase recovery, improve product quality and reduce sorter headcount on the fiber QC.  A fourth MSS CIRRUS sensor is currently in production and will install this summer.

​MSS Announces Next Generation of Metal Recovery Technology

Nashville, TN - MSS, Inc., the optical sorter division of CP Group, has introduced MetalMiner, the next generation of induction-based true all-metal detectors. MSS has designed and built induction metal sorters for over 40 years, and this latest iteration was designed specifically to handle auto shredder residue (ASR), electronic scrap, plastic flake and glass cullet applications. One of the most relevant new technical features of the MetalMiner is the patent pending MapLine algorithm. 

MSS optical sorters feature updated wire and colour sorting technologies

MSS, Inc., the optical sorter division of the CP Group, is introducing two technology updates for its L-VIS high-resolution colour and shape optical sorter. ColorMask is MSS's proprietary illuminated reference technology and is featured in all L-VIS units. The most recent design update features improved sorting accuracy for materials with difficult colours and weak contrast, like dark green circuit boards and black insulated wires. The L-VIS analyzes materials in flight over the ColorMask illuminated reference which is adjustable in colour and light intensity for maximum contrast and accuracy.

MSS, Inc. Announces New Headquarters

MSS, Inc., the optical sorting division of CP Group, has  announced that their manufacturing facility has relocated to a larger building. The new MSS headquarters is located in a multi-facility site development at 300 Oceanside Drive, Nashville, TN, less than four miles from their previous office.

MSS celebrates 40 years of innovation

MSS, Inc (formerly Magnetic Separation Systems) celebrates 40 years of developing and manufacturing optical sorting technologies, several of which are still commonly used in today’s material recovery facilities.   

CIRRUS Optical Sorter

MSS Inc, has introduced a new high-resolution near-infrared (NIR), colour and metal sorting system for a wide range of recycling facility applications. The CIRRUS provides automated separation opportunities for a variety of operations, including single stream and C&D operations, and for MRFs and other plastic, paper, and electronic scrap recycling facilities.

Colour camera sorting system for small particle applications

MSS Inc. recently introduced the L-VIS, a high-resolution colour camera sorting system for small particle applications such as shredded and granulated materials. The L-VIS is designed for colour-sorting applications, including the extraction of high-value commodities (printed circuit boards, copper, etc.) from shredded electronic scrap. It provides up to 98 percent separation accuracy and is available with a proprietary shape identification software algorithm specifically designed for sorting wires.

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Induction sensor system for ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless

MSS’s MetalSort is engineered to provide accurate separation of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel from mixed input material streams. These units are ideal for use in separation applications in glass cullet, plastic flake and at e-scrap facilities. Particles down to less than 2 mm in size are acurately detected and removed by precisely-pulsed air jets.