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Plastics Recycling

Letter from the Editor: The circular economy solution to ocean plastics pollution

Breaking the Plastic Wave is a newly released study which supports the premise that if we fail to take serious action immediately by creating a viable circular economy for plastics, by 2040 the volume of used plastic entering the ocean on a yearly basis will be 29 metric tonnes, nearly triple the amount recorded in 2016. The new report also confirms that total ocean plastic stocks, without changes made, will quadruple - reaching over 600 metric tonnes.

Is new plastic tax a danger to the EU common market and recovery?

With its latest agreement on the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and coronavirus recovery fund, the European Council has approved the implementation of a plastic tax as of the 1st of January, 2021. The plan foresees a €0.80/kg levy on non-recycled plastic packaging waste to be paid by member states into the EU budget.

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Paper Recycling

Powerful optical sorting technologies, artificial intelligence and robotics reduce contamination for recycling operations

TOMRA Sorting Solution's next generation AUTOSORT  optical sorting system, launched at a worldwide digital event in June, is designed to provide a new level of efficiency for MRF operators and other recyclers tasked with creating highly pure output streams.  According to TOMRA, their new AUTOSORT is compact, highly flexible and upgradable, bringing together multiple technologies to deliver complex, artificially intelligent (AI) sorting of recovered paper and plastics at very high throughput rates.

NRDC: Use of recycled pulp for tissue production is nothing to sneeze at

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) has released an updated analysis of the climate impacts caused by the "tree to toilet" pipeline destroying the climate-critical Canadian boreal forest. The "Issue with Tissue 2.0" report includes a new sustainability ranking for toilet paper brands and other tissue products made by major U.S. producers.

Organics Recycling

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C&D Recycling

Collection & Hauling

BYD rolls out first electric collection trucks in New Jersey

Hudson County Motors and BYD will provide the first all-electric refuse trucks on the US East Coast capable of working an entire route. Five all-electric rear loader collection trucks will go to work on normal daily collection routes, providing regular zero-emission collection services for Jersey City, NJ.

Waste Connections invests in Lion8 zero-emission electric truck chassis capable of servicing 1,200 homes on a single charge

The Lion Electric Co. and Boivin Evolution have sold the first Lion8 chassis with fully automated side load bodies to Waste Connections. The initial vehicles, to be operating in Washington and Florida, represent the first applications of zero-emission trucks with fully electric waste collection bodies and automated arms in North America.

Insight from an expert: Hooklifts vs Cable Hoists for waste and recycling

According to Tim Worman, product manager for demountables at Stellar Industries, when it comes to loading containers or truck bodies onto a truck chassis, the North American waste and recycling market has traditionally favoured the cable hoist, while the hooklift has been more prominent internationally, where urban space is generally tighter. Canada has been somewhere in between, based on influence from both markets. 

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