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How to streamline C&D waste processing to increase profitability

For C&D recyclers, waste haulers, demolition contractors and landfills, there is a growing opportunity to profit from rethinking processes. Although every operation is different, by streamlining the front end of the C&D operation processes with purpose-built technologies, recyclers can tap into new end markets, accommodate higher material volumes, stay ahead of regulatory restrictions, increase recovery rates and add commodity revenue, while decreasing labor and other costs.

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Plastics Recycling

Ocean Legacy launches EPIC online education platform

Vancouver, B.C. based Ocean Legacy Foundation (OLF), a Canadian non-profit organization that develops and implements worldwide plastic pollution emergency response programs, with the goal to end ocean plastic pollution, has launched EPIC Academy,  a free online educational platform providing worldwide communities with essential knowledge regarding ocean plastic pollution, cleanup efforts, and solutions for creating plastic-free lands and waters. 

Stationary pre-shredders for plastics recycling

In today's volatile markets for recycled plastics, where demand for extremely high purity is the norm, and many overseas markets are closed to all but the purest of recovered material, recyclers more than ever need to produce uncontaminated, homogeneously sized product, with more efficiency, and with higher average throughputs. 

The Canada Plastics Pact is taking real action on plastics and packaging waste

At the end of January, the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) was launched with the ambitious goal of addressing plastics packaging waste and pollution with immediate action and by creating a true circular economy for all plastics. The global Plastics Pact, which involves commitments from ten nations, including the U.S. which signed on in 2020, is spearheaded by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation globally and in Canada by host organization The Natural Step Canada, a national charity dedicated to the acceleration of the circular economy.

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Paper Recycling

OCC volatility is off the charts

Recycled paper, and old corrugated containers (OCC) in particular, has always been a volatile commodity. Over the past few years, the market has seen boosts in demand from rising recycled containerboard production, followed by a sharp fall in export opportunities as countries, including China, introduce quality restrictions on imports and then supply-side disruptions. All this has naturally led to major swings in pricing.

Optical sorting advances are driving the MRF of the future

Until recently, optical sorters for the recycling industry have been used mostly in plastics and metal applications. Over the last several years, this technology, integrated with artificial intelligence, sophisticated monitoring and control systems, robotics and increasingly high-speed conveyors, is also making its way more into fibre, glass, cartons, organics, e-scrap and C&D recycling applications. All of these streams are changing fast, and continuously, and optical sorting is doing a very good job of keeping up. In fact, the growing breadth of options and the speed with which optical sorting technology is advancing is remarkable.

A long way from just plastics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure: recycling with AI-powered robotics

At the 2020 MRF Summit in November, hosted jointly by ISRI and SWANA, Rob Writz, director of business development for AMP Robotics, was one of three panellists in a session titled: "Improve Efficiency and Productivity Through Technology." Along with Will Herzog from Machinex; Brent Hildebrand, GFL's director of recycling; and moderator Michael Timpane from industry consulting firm Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), the session focused on the very important role automation, artificial intelligence, and specifically, robotic sorting technology, have played so far, and will play, as our industry continues to evolve rapidly through the next decade.

Organics Recycling

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Collection & Hauling

​Viridor and TOMRA poised to collaborate on new deposit return program in Scotland

UK-based Viridor has a network over 300 advanced recycling, energy recovery and landfill diversion facilities with 600 waste collection vehicles. Viridor and TOMRA Collection Solutions have formed a partnership which brings extensive recycling expertise and experience together in a bid for the design, build and operation of the Scottish deposit return scheme (DRS) counting and sorting centres. Deposit return schemes for beverage containers play a vital part in preventing littering and driving sustainable recycling outcomes in more than 40 jurisdictions worldwide. It is acknowledged as a highly effective way to secure high community participation and high return rates. The deposit, being reimbursed in full, offers a financial incentive for consumers to return used containers for recycling.

J&M Sanitation deploys BYD all-electric collection trucks

J&M Sanitation, a family-owned business serving Kuna, Idaho, has deployed two BYD all-electric Class 8 collection trucks, the first such battery-electric, zero-emission vehicles in Idaho. The trucks are replacing two current diesel vehicles, resulting in cleaner air and a lower carbon footprint. J&M is the first company in Idaho to own and operate electric refuse trucks and now operates two of only ten in North America.

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