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Machinex presents its MACH Hyspec® optical sorter to improve safety, maintenance, and operational availability. Using technology that is enhanced by a high-speed, short wave infra-red (SWIR) hyperspectral detection system, the MACH Hyspec® can sort different types of materials such as plastics (PET, HDPE, PVC' LDPE' PP PS, etc.) and fiber products. It also includes carton container detection, wood product recognition, wood by grade (natural versus painted), colour recognition, and metal detection. The MACH Hyspec® can be used in different types of material recovery facilities, such as single-stream, construction & demolition, municipal solid waste, plastic recycling, organics, and other applications. The integrated Hyspec Intell™ analyzes real-time operational data to enhance the comprehension of material streams for a desired time period. Learn more about it.

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