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Plastics Recycling

Zero plastic waste by 2030 strategy aims to increase Canadian capacity for reuse and recovery

Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Jonathan Wilkinson, recently announced the next steps in the Government of Canada's plan to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. Under the Canada-wide Strategy on Zero Plastic Waste, the federal government is collaborating with provinces, territories and municipalities, through the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, to strengthen existing programs for plastics recycling and increase national capacity to reuse and recover more used plastics. All federal, provincial and territorial governments have now agreed to the strategy, which lays out a vision for a circular economy for plastics, as well as a two-phase action plan that is being jointly implemented.

Cleanfarms plastic recovery efforts are meeting circular economy goals

Each year, Waste Reduction Week (WRW) is marked in the third week of October when organizations throughout Canada celebrate achievements and commit to work harder to support the principles and practices of the circular economy, resource efficiency and waste reduction. These are all principles that are at the core of Cleanfarms.   

Challenging times are motivating a wave of government spending on diversion

In 2020, we have witnessed a tsunami of federal government spending in reaction to specific economic challenges created by pandemic-related shutdowns and disruptions to industries and individuals. Thankfully, so far, we're not allowing COVID-19 to completely distract us from other important matters that need tending. Since the summer we have seen unprecedented investment, from coast to coast at the federal and provincial level, into improving both organics and plastic waste recovery. 

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Paper Recycling

Recovered paper quality certification aims to make transactions transparent for RCP sellers and buyers

A new concept for inspecting and certifying the quality of recovered paper is proving to be a valuable tool for recyclers - giving their customers confidence in product quality and the suppliers themselves accurate data to negotiate true market pricing and successfully close transactions. The approach utilizes the BaleVision quality inspection and data analytics platform from merQbiz combined with the new BaleFacts report that provides quality certification.

Next generation BaleVision advances quality assessment and analytics for recovered paper

merQbiz, an analytics company serving the recovered paper (RCP) supply chain, has launched the next generation of its BaleVision quality assessment and analytics product suite. The launch includes data products with deeper insights into quality and procurement to inform buyers and sellers on quality and cost factors related to RCP. 

Commentary: Now is the time to evolve the recycling narrative

We've all heard the phrase ‘Recycling is good for the planet.'  This sentiment has been the focus of many marketing and educational campaigns over the years, linking the benefits of recycling to preserving the environment. The message itself has changed little over the last few decades, besides various data points added to it for reinforcement, but new research commissioned by the Carton Council of North America reveals it might be time to expand this narrative. 

Organics Recycling

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C&D Recycling

Collection & Hauling

Rugged performance and power combine as Western Star launches new 49X vocational truck

Born on the rugged logging roads of British Columbia, Western Star trucks have been known for their ability to handle tough jobs while also providing drivers a high level of comfort and performance. Those strengths are all part of the company's newest addition to its vocational truck portfolio, a fresh take on the truck that focuses on strength and performance for work truck buyers.

Compology brings AI-powered waste metering to multifamily housing market

For decades, multifamily property owners have been able to meter their water, electricity and gas consumption. Now, they can meter their waste and recycling to save on costs and drive toward waste diversion goals through a new partnership between Compology, the only provider of AI-powered waste metering, and Realpage, a provider of software and data analytics to the global real estate sector. 

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