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It’s harder than ever to get clean paper

But we've been successfully sorting paper on the front end with optical sorters since 2005. Why have we been so successful? Because we know it's not JUST about the optical. We focus on your entire operation, so you make the most of your fiber line. Is your optical sorter living up to its potential? Call us at 203-967-1100 for a free system evaluation.

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With an Acculoader automatic loading system, even smaller yards can take advantage of surging overseas demand for containerized scrap metal

Traditionally, recyclers across Canada have sent a huge percentage of their recovered scrap metal to Hamilton, Ontario, or Pennsylvania in the U.S., via open-top rail cars and truck trailers. The scrap is then melted down and turned into new steel. This is still the case for much of our scrap steel, but recently the growing trend toward containerization has introduced new opportunities for efficient, cost-effective shipping of both non-ferrous and ferrous materials to overseas markets. 

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Plastics Recycling

New STADLER sorting plant in Mexico reflects automation trend in the region

Operadora de Ferrocarril y Manejo de Rellenos (OFMRS ), a specialist in final disposal of MSW, has joined forces with STADLER to develop a new recyclables sorting plant in the city of Cuautla, Mexico. The new facility is is a testament to the region's current trend towards automation, and is capable of managing comprehensive waste treatment for 16 municipalities in Morelos and for a small part of Mexico City. 

Merlin Plastics joins industry coalition to advance circularity of polypropylene food packaging

Merlin Plastics has joined The Recycling Partnership's Polypropylene Recycling Coalition. Merlin's membership in the US-based, industry organization will allow it to bring its 30 plus years of experience in the Canadian and US recycling plastics realm to assist the Coalition's drive to improve the recovery and circularity of polypropylene (PP) plastic.

TOMRA to cover latest sorting technologies at Americas Thermoform Recycling & Food Contact Recycled Packaging event

Carlos Manchado Atienza, regional director for the global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, will present the latest market technologies for successfully sorting thermoformed packaging on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The session will take place as part of the Americas Thermoform Recycling and Food Contact Recycled Packaging virtual event. 

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Paper Recycling

ISRI supports a competitive marketplace, opposes bans and fees on paper bags

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), recycled paper bags are a valuable contributor to U.S. trade balance, with a third of recovered paper exported. Paper bags are a highly recyclable resource sought after for its fiber strength and is used in the manufacture of many products such as corrugated boxes, cereal boxes, wallboard and new paper bags. 

Recovered paper quality certification aims to make transactions transparent for RCP sellers and buyers

A new concept for inspecting and certifying the quality of recovered paper is proving to be a valuable tool for recyclers - giving their customers confidence in product quality and the suppliers themselves accurate data to negotiate true market pricing and successfully close transactions. The approach utilizes the BaleVision quality inspection and data analytics platform from merQbiz combined with the new BaleFacts report that provides quality certification.

Next generation BaleVision advances quality assessment and analytics for recovered paper

merQbiz, an analytics company serving the recovered paper (RCP) supply chain, has launched the next generation of its BaleVision quality assessment and analytics product suite. The launch includes data products with deeper insights into quality and procurement to inform buyers and sellers on quality and cost factors related to RCP. 

Commentary: Now is the time to evolve the recycling narrative

We've all heard the phrase ‘Recycling is good for the planet.'  This sentiment has been the focus of many marketing and educational campaigns over the years, linking the benefits of recycling to preserving the environment. The message itself has changed little over the last few decades, besides various data points added to it for reinforcement, but new research commissioned by the Carton Council of North America reveals it might be time to expand this narrative. 

Organics Recycling

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C&D Recycling

Collection & Hauling

Custom-built trucks from Autocar first to feature ultra-high-strength steel frame rails

Autocar originally announced the release of its DC-64R — a completely reinvented truck for severe-duty refuse applications — in 2019, marking the company's first new conventional truck for the brand in 31 years. This year, the truck has officially "hit the road" in the U.S. and according to the company, turns the traditional OEM/dealership model on its head, saving waste haulers and municipalities both time and money.  

Compology’s waste metering technology helps New Market Waste save over $1.3 million

Waste and recycling management consulting firm New Market Waste Solutions recently reached a major milestone of saving $1.3 million in waste costs by using Compology's waste metering technology to rightsize service levels for clients Nordstrom, ADT Security, American Red Cross, Charter Communications and Iron Mountain, while also helping them meet their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

NGVAmerica analysis shows greater emissions reduction from natural gas refuse trucks versus battery electric alternative

NGVAmerica released a study at its Annual Industry Summit presenting a compelling case for why communities should continue to invest in new near-zero natural gas technology. Using New Jersey as a case study, NGVAmerica analyzed the costs and impact of transitioning that state's entire 10,000 refuse truck fleet from diesel to both natural gas and battery electric.

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