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Self-Aware Sorting Robot


Machinex presents SamurAI, its self-aware sorting robot that employs superior artificial intelligence technology to identify materials for an accurate, positive product recovery or a precise quality control function. Featuring a unique 4 articulation robot, the SamurAI is a perfect solution to reduce the dependence on manual sorting within your recovery facility.


Features & Benefits

  • Positively extract recyclable commodities from a specific stream of material (ex: plastics from a reject line)

  • Negatively sort a dedicated stream from all its contamination (ex: PET quality control after an optical unit)

  • Identifies distinguishing features in the same way as the human eye

  • Recognizes material in dirty, commingled and constantly changing conditions including the introduction of new packaging & designs

  • Continually improves and learns from operating experience to assure maximum recognition efficiency

  • Generates essential data from the material stream composition & evolution perceived

  • Operates according to a pre-determined order of task hierarchy to maximize financial return