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SICON America

Address 11390 Old Roswell, Suite 126, Alpharetta, GA, 30009, US
Phone 678-527-1432
Fax 678-527-1410
Email [email protected]
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Sicon introduces HMS Cleaning for heavy melt scrap to North American markets; EcoShred compact provides two-in one shredding

Scrap metal is the most important resource of the electric-arc-furnace (EAF) steel production process. More than 70% of total cost in EAF-steel production can be directly accounted to scrap purchases. Addi-tionally taking into account costs of electricity, consumption rate of electrodes and refractories, all strongly influenced by scrap quality, the importance of scrap becomes ever more evident.

SICON Laser Sort introduced

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is currently one of the most exciting developments within the scrap industry. Based on the chemical element analysis of each individual object passing through the sorter, the all-new SICON LASER SORT delivers a solution to tackle the growing demand for unmixed aluminum alloys and pure non-ferrous metals with special focus on aluminum recyclers, secondary aluminum and non-ferrous smelters.

VARISORT 2.0 introduced for metal and e-waste recycling

With VARISORT 2.0 developed by SESOTEC, SICON GmbH recently unveiled the next generation of sensor-based sorting processes designed for the efficient processing of metal fractions on the basis of material types. According to the company, VARISORT 2.0 is the most efficient sensor-based sorting machine for metal and electronic scrap recycling in the world.

SICON receives Innovative through Research seal of approval from German institution

SICON GmbH was awarded the "Innovative through Research" seal of approval that is conferred by Stifterverband, one of the largest science funding institutions in Germany. This distinction is based on the body of substantial contributions made in research and development in Germany's environmental technology field over the past five years.

SICON to present latest products and services at IFAT 2016 in Munich

From May 30 through June 3, 2016 the IFAT will open its doors in Munich, when the city becomes the "Mecca" of the waste treatment and recycling industry. SICON will be on hand this year, once again, with its own stand and will highlight what the company calls the "future of processing, recovery and recycling of shredder residue as well as shredder technology as a whole."

SICON introduces new Eddy Current Fines Separator

SICON has announced a new fines eddy current separator offering to the shredder industry. The SICON Fines EddyPro INP is specifically developed for this application and optimized for fines treatment, making it the most powerful 'Fines Eddy' available on the market, according to the Germany-based manufacturer.

High-performance SICON granulators designed for wide range of applications

SICON's newly available SIC-G and SIC-GX series granulators are characterized by multiple outstanding features.

  • Solid steel design for long durability,
  • Slanted two-piece housing offering optimum accessibility,
  • Replaceable wear protection on all parts in contact with the material, even underneath stator blades
  • Rotor and stator blades can be adjusted from outside of granulator
  • Screen basket can be lowered hydraulically
  • Available option: additional solid flywheel,
  • Rotor brake mechanism to increase safety during maintenance work,
  • A variety of different blade qualities is available to allow perfect adaption to individual applications.
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