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Refind Sorter launched for flexibility in range of materials processing applications

Refind Technologies AB, an innovative manufacturer based out of Gothenburg, Sweden has introduced the Refind Sorter, a new modular and flexible classification and sorting solution.  It consists of the Refind Mind - the actual classification software - and has the option to include the Camera box and a Sorting add-on. 

Refind to install latest OBS500 optical battery sorter in Norway

Refind has announced that the company's latest optical battery sorter, an OBS500 machine, has been sold to a Norwegian leader in battery collection and recycling - AS Batteriretur. According to Refind, AS Batteriretur recently moved to a new modern facility in Fredrikstad, close to the Swedish border, and is in the process of implementing many new processes and machines - one of them being the Optical Battery Sorter 500. The commissioning will take place in the early spring of 2018. 

Refind Technologies brings optical battery sorting technology to Ontario

Refind Technologies AB is a technology company based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. The company specializes in the use of cameras and software with artificial intelligence designed to teach systems to recognize objects based on their appearance. Refind's technology is designed mainly for the recovery of used batteries and electronics, but the company says they have also recently found application in the fishing industry for species identification.