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CIRRUS PlasticMax

Optical Sorter

CIRRUS PlasticMax

The CIRRUS® PlasticMax™ is the industry's most efficient optical sorter for containers and plastic recovery. PlasticMax™accurately identifies and recovers the most challenging material, such as black plastics, short fills, labels, and PET-G.


Features & Benefits

  • Best Signal-to-Noise Ratio
    MSS doesn’t use gratings or beam/light splitters, so our detectors receive the maximum amount of reflected light possible

  • Easy Sort Setup
    High number of NIR and Color wavelengths make it possible to change sort setups with programming software, no hardware changes required

  • Best Ejection Accuracy
    Mechanical features virtually eliminate tumbling and rolling of small single-serve PET bottles and yogurt cups

  • Low Maintenance
    Continuous Automated Internal Calibration virtually eliminates the need for manual re-calibration on a regular basis. The NIR sensor housing is under positive pressure which eliminates dust accumulation on the inside

  • Increased Recovery Rates
    Distance between detection and ejection allows for full image analysis, increasing recovery rates and reducing cross-contamination