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At Harris the safety and welfare of our customers is considered in everything we design and manufacture. Through an innovative design, Harris is proud to offer the Harris Shredder Cage to decrease the amount of debris expelled from shredder plants.

Designed originally as an option for Harris built shredders, the Harris Shredder Cage can be retrofitted to your existing shredder with the quality you expect from Harris. Providing visibility to the shredder’s operation, the structure and stainless steel net ensures maximum resistance to impact, explosions and offers absolutely no interference with maintenance or operation with quick access to the feed ramp in case of feed jams or other maintenance issues. The innovative design does not increase fluff or dirt accumulation on the net.

Covered by a patented design and supported by Harris, the Harris Shredder Cage can be installed on any shredder, regardless of the manufacturer or size.

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315 W. 12th Avenue
Cordele, GA
US, 31015


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