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Backhus turner and Doppstadt screens provide needed production and versatility for converted composting site

Regulation can be a powerful business stimulus. For the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts, state regulation proved to be a huge municipal benefit as well. When the Massachusetts yard waste recycling mandate took effect in 1987, the visionary leaders in Lexington converted an outdated, unused 30-acre landfill into a composting site to eliminate transfer costs for all the green waste they were collecting. Thirty years later, the operation has become a profit machine, effectively flipping hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses to the other side of their balance sheet.

​Kreider Mulch leans heavily on Doppstadt machines for organics processing efficiency

Randy Kreider grew up in Lancaster, a quaint small town in rural eastern Pennsylvania. Unless you're inside the urban boundaries of Philadelphia, most of this half of the state is economically driven by agriculture and other natural products. As the owner of Kreider Mulch, Randy has been able to capitalize on those opportunities, turning this once-small bark mulch lot into a successful business that produces more than 150,000 yards annually. He recently built a robust topsoil operation to complement the mulch products.

Ecoverse introduces TrommALL compact trommel

Designed to withstand some of the toughest screening tasks, in a range of recycling and other applications, the new TrommALL from Ecoverse is a compact, maneuverable trommel screen with high productivity.

Food and packaging waste is no match for Tiger

The Tiger Depackaging System, available in North America from Ecoverse, now comes in five different size configurations. This technology is designed to remove 99.6 percent of contaminants from organic fractions and is specifically designed for food waste and packaging recovery operations. Applications include composting anaerobic digestion, animal nutrition, recycling and repurposing. 

Doppstadt to showcase the "INVENTHOR Type 9" shredder at IFAT

Doppstadt's INVENTHOR Type 9 shredder, from the SMART SHREDDING LINE, is a new high-performance machine that is setting new market benchmarks when it comes to quality and performance. By bringing together the most innovative mechanical developments, innovative control and regulation systems, and a brand new noise emissions concept, Doppstadt has created an environmentally friendly cost-effective one-stop solution for the recycling sector. Thanks to its modular service-oriented construction and range of suspension variants, this machine is equally suited to use as a stationary fixture or in the service industry sector.

Harvest Quest inoculants Key to Charleston County’s rise to compost industry leader

Charleston County, South Carolina opened their compost facility in 1989. Back then, the concept was quite visionary and progressive - the idea of a municipality operating a compost site was still rather nascent. But for the first 20 years the outcome was moderate at best, as the operation mostly stockpiled green waste and let time do most of the work. That all changed dramatically in 2011 when they reached out to Darren Midlane of Harvest Quest. After applying Harvest Quest inoculants and committing to the MSAP (modified aerobic static pile) method, Charleston County's composting facility has transformed from the "armpit" of the landfill to a crown jewel of national waste management.

Diversifying capability on the path to growth

In the early 2000s, John Desrosiers recognized the need for a reliable organics recycling operation in the greater Tampa/Sarasota market in Florida. In their first few years, 1 Stop Landscape Supply would take in green waste and other organic materials and reprocess it into useful mulch and soil amendments. Composting soon followed on a small scale at their 10-acre site. Today, 1 Stop operates a 100-acre facility and has the equipment and expertise to recycle almost any organic waste, and even reprocess concrete into a consistent 250 paver sand. Food waste recycling is next.

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The path to perfect compost

Mayer Materials was founded in 2006, functioning strictly as a sand pit for cushion and fill sand. Within several years of starting their operation, and with the benefit of plentiful real estate near their location in Fort Worth, Texas, owners Heather and David Mayer say they recognized the growing need for recycling sites and saw an opportunity.

Out of the sand pits, into the compost

Heather and David Mayer were running a healthy sand pit business on their 44-acre Texas property just northwest of Fort Worth when they had an epiphany. “We knew the day would come when we would no longer sell sand,” Heather explains. “But, maybe there was a different option to just backfilling and moving on. We realized there were other possibilities for our land.” And while that day still has not yet come, the results of their diversification are already well developed.

Viking Energy turns waste railroad ties into electricity for Michigan households

The northwest quadrant of the lower peninsula of Michigan is one of the more beautiful places one could visit in this country. Just outside of the Manistee National Forest near the city of Cadillac lies the tiny town of McBain. This is the home of Viking Energy, an 18MW energy plant powered by renewable biomass fuel. While most of the fuel used at the McBain plant comes from forestry byproducts, a meaningful percentage of that fuel is supplemented with used railroad ties that are brought in from around the Midwest.

Electric-powered slow speed shredder latest addition for Ontario composter

All Treat Farms, located in Arthur, Ontario, has been part of the evolution of organics recycling since 1955, when the company started composting manure. Over the past 60 years, the company says they have witnessed various components of the industry evolve greatly. They have seen the introduction of technology for odour control and advanced processing equipment, huge changes in composting rules and regulations, as well as the maturation of end markets.

Ecoverse Showcase A Big Success

Ecoverse welcomed more than 500 people to downtown Cleveland on April 14-16, 2015 at the Convention Center. The showcase featured 13 machines, thirty-six classroom sessions, service training, and countless personal product tours of Doppstadt, Backhus, Backers, Tiger, and Harvest Quest. Attendees from far and wide gathered in the hall to enjoy the Ecoverse party including; drinks, appetizers, live music, and Irish dancers.