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About the Doppstadt Group:

The Doppstadt family enterprise founded in 1965 has offices in Velbert, Wülfrath, Calbe, Wilsdruff,

Vienna and in Rockville (Maryland/USA). Doppstadt serves customers in more than 40 countries worldwide using its distribution network and offering intelligent machine technology and complete process solutions. The Doppstadt Group is focused on waste treatment (volume reduction), recycling / material recovery, solid biomass-derived fuels, biomass-derived gas (fermentation), soil processing (washing) and the reclamation and processing of sand and gravel. The product range supports techni-cal procedures such as shredding, chipping, screening, splitting, separating, washing, turning and transporting. In the second generation Ferdinand Doppstadt directs the internationally operating group of companies together with his executive staff. As a specialist in the field of environmental technology, Doppstadt develops innovative and reliable high-quality products and solutions. Custo-mers who choose a Doppstadt solution will also profit from a perfect service. Based on many years of practical experience and competence, the Doppstadt team assists and advises the customers in a solution-oriented and individual way.

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Backhus turner and Doppstadt screens provide needed production and versatility for converted composting site

Regulation can be a powerful business stimulus. For the Town of Lexington, Massachusetts, state regulation proved to be a huge municipal benefit as well. When the Massachusetts yard waste recycling mandate took effect in 1987, the visionary leaders in Lexington converted an outdated, unused 30-acre landfill into a composting site to eliminate transfer costs for all the green waste they were collecting. Thirty years later, the operation has become a profit machine, effectively flipping hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenses to the other side of their balance sheet.

More power, longer service life and a magnet that attracts everything to it: Doppstadt improves the DZ 750 universal shredder

Doppstadt is now offering its DZ 750 Combi universal shredder with even more powerful components. This combination shredder is designed to handle even the most demanding applications, and now not only has a new, efficient drive unit, but also an even higher metal separation rate and an intelligent hydraulic control system. Its new Volvo  Penta engine provides around 700 HP for pre-shredding and supplementary shredding tasks. This machine really comes into its own when shredding heavily contaminated material. The slow-running pre-shredding process efficiently breaks down the material so that the new main magnet can easily separate out any large iron parts. The fast-running supplementary shredding process then produces a marketable end product. Thanks to its 1,000 litre diesel tank, this machine can even cope with long days of continuous operation.

Basic 518 Screen provides economic separation of materials in compact size

With the new trommel screen Basic 518, the environmental specialist Doppstadt has placed a basic solution for small and medium municipal environmental services and recycling plants on the market. The innovation has a telling name: The Basic 518 has got exactly what it takes for a first step into the separation of material mixtures. 

DW 308 Rhino shredder largest in line, ideal for a wide range of materials

Doppstadt's new DW 308 Rhino is the largest in its class, and is built to shred everything that gets in its way. The DW 308 Rhino will process waste from industry, commerce and households, including C&D waste, organic waste and railway sleepers, as well as green waste, logs and roots. An ideal application is for processing in plants with high throughput capacities. This machine reduces material size reliably and prepares material for further use/recovery. Except concrete, steel and iron, the DW 308 Rhino can cope with virtually any kind of material. 

Smallest shredder in Doppstadt's AK range now offers greater power and drop height

At the recycling yard, compost plant or for agricultural contracting: the new Doppstadt AK 310 EcoPower shredder is at home everywhere. It processes preshredded trunks, roots and waste wood just as reliably as green waste or organic waste, and is great for substrate processing for turnips, potatoes and dung. The compact, versatile shredder (total weight 16 tonnes) is designed for on-road use and is brought to the work site by truck. On site, it can be moved around by wheel loader - even when there is not much space. The machine is fed by wheel loader, excavator or the front loader on the tractor.

New mobile shredder solutions coming in October

At the start of October, the environmental technology company Doppstadt will be launching its new mobile shredder solutions — the AK 560 and AK 635 EcoPower shredders, with the latest technical updates and a new rear conveyor option. Doppstadt's AK 635 comes with an eight-meter rear conveyor as standard, and the AK 560 can be fitted with a six-meter rear conveyor. 

Diversifying capability on the path to growth

In the early 2000s, John Desrosiers recognized the need for a reliable organics recycling operation in the greater Tampa/Sarasota market in Florida. In their first few years, 1 Stop Landscape Supply would take in green waste and other organic materials and reprocess it into useful mulch and soil amendments. Composting soon followed on a small scale at their 10-acre site. Today, 1 Stop operates a 100-acre facility and has the equipment and expertise to recycle almost any organic waste, and even reprocess concrete into a consistent 250 paver sand. Food waste recycling is next.

Loraas Disposal: Finding an effective approach to cutting costs and boosting uptime in organics

Loraas Disposal is Saskatchewan’s largest privately-owned waste transfer and recycling company. The company established itself in 1965 when founder and owner, Bruce Loraas, would come home from his day job, hop in a garbage truck, and trek around the city cleaning out bins. What started as one man’s entrepreneurial grit grew into Saskatchewan’s leading waste management company with over 200 employees.

New SM 720 SA screen is highly mobile, productive and adaptable to wide range of materials

Designed to be extremely powerful, versatile, user-friendly and applicable anywhere, the new Doppstadt SM 720 SA Plus screen offers a solution for operators who have to process large quantities of various recyclables in different places quickly and reliably. Recycling enterprises, compost and earth-working plants, underground engineering, gravel and sand operators or container services can separate nearly any solid input material into up to six different fractions by means of this screen: construction rubble, industrial waste, biomass or garbage, plastic, glass, paper or wood, sand, gravel, scrap or slag. The SM 720 SA Plus adapts to the screening tasks by component change.

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Self-cleaning system makes organics processing easier than ever

Earlier this year, Doppstadt introduced patented self-cleaning screening stars for star screen plants. With this new method to clean star screen machines during operation (machines needn’t stop for cleaning operations) even wet material can be screened without interruption and materials that may stick to the cleaning stars can easily be patted off. The most interesting feature of this system, according to Doppstadt, is that the cleaning procedure does not require any additional equipment: the machine actually cleans itself.

New separator splitter separates up to three fractions without plugging and wrapping

Full-line supplier Doppstadt has announced the completion of the company's full product range for separation technology. Developed in partnership with Anlagenbau Günther GmbH, the new Splittler X2 is a unique technology designed to separate up to three different material streams. Spiral shafts discharge heavy and cubical materials to one side, light and long pieces "swim" on top and are discharged in running direction, while smaller pieces fall through the shafts. Depending on the material, plugging and wrapping are not factors. 

Doppstadt to show new "Taifun" mobile wind sifter, capable of producing up to four fractions at once

With their new Taifun wind sifter, Doppstadt combines two state-of-the art recycling solutions. The tracked vehicle is equipped with a heavy-duty crawler track chassis, which can move it to almost all places of operation. As soon as it is installed, the wind sifter is convincing due to its extremely high separating performance: the Taifun separates the input material into up to four fractions, for example compost is divided into wood, grass, herb and soil. 

Doppstadt introduces SM 620 SA screen with 7 cubic meters bulk volume capacity

According to Germany-based manufacturer, Doppstadt, the times when wheel loaders could not fill their materials into the hopper of a screen at one stroke because it was too small, are over. The 7 cubic meter hopper of Doppstadt's new screen SM 620 SA is ideal for the recovery of light material mixtures such as compost and biomass. Traditionally, a wheel loader's large bulk volume results in long wait times for operators at screens: input material must first be processed in order to clear a space in the feeding hopper. With the latest  Doppstadt solution, the wheel loader and screen are in permanent motion: the whole process takes place without interruption in continuous operation.