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Doppstadt America LP.


Address 15887-A Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD, 20855, US
Phone 240-801-4524
Fax 301-366-0238
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About the Doppstadt Group:

The Doppstadt family enterprise founded in 1965 has offices in Velbert, Wülfrath, Calbe, Wilsdruff,

Vienna and in Rockville (Maryland/USA). Doppstadt serves customers in more than 40 countries worldwide using its distribution network and offering intelligent machine technology and complete process solutions. The Doppstadt Group is focused on waste treatment (volume reduction), recycling / material recovery, solid biomass-derived fuels, biomass-derived gas (fermentation), soil processing (washing) and the reclamation and processing of sand and gravel. The product range supports techni-cal procedures such as shredding, chipping, screening, splitting, separating, washing, turning and transporting. In the second generation Ferdinand Doppstadt directs the internationally operating group of companies together with his executive staff. As a specialist in the field of environmental technology, Doppstadt develops innovative and reliable high-quality products and solutions. Custo-mers who choose a Doppstadt solution will also profit from a perfect service. Based on many years of practical experience and competence, the Doppstadt team assists and advises the customers in a solution-oriented and individual way.

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