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Neuenhauser North America


Address 7600 Morgan Rd, Liverpool, NY, 13090, US
Phone 315-466-8330

Company Profile:

Neuenhauser North America (NA) sell and provide aftermarket support for the Neuenhauser range of portable screening products in the United States and Canada.

Neuenhauser is a diverse German manufacturing company with a product portfolio including textile products, commercial vehicles, machine parts, environmental products and the screening technology that Neuenhauser NA represent.

The market leading screening products Neuenhauser NA provide are:

Star Screens

The Neuenhauser Superscreener is a portable star screen that is available on wheel or tracks and in 2 or 3 way spilt configurations.

Star screens are used primarily in the processing of organics such as mulch, compost and topsoil. The primary advantage of a star screen is the ability to screen wet and sticky material without the blinding that occurs when using trommel or flat screens.

The ability to screen without blinding with high throughput allows producers to lower their screening costs and also screen in weather & material conditions which would be impossible with other screening methods.

Trommel Screens

The Neuenhauser trommel screen features a punch spiral plate drum common in European style trommels. The spiral rolls the material through the drum and avoids “spearing” thereby producing a much more consistent high quality product.

The machine is available on wheels and tracks and in electric or diesel hydraulic configurations.

Flip Flow Screens

Flip Flow screens are designed to screen fine materials that would blind other screening plants.

The machine features flexible polyurethane screen panels that continuously move horizontally and vertically during operation. This movement means the screens self-clean avoiding pegging and blinding.

Neuenhauser-NH 6020 HA screening plant
Neuenhauser - Star Screens SternSieb 2F

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