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Harris offers the industry’s finest customer service, most advanced design and engineering capabilities. For more than 100 years, Harris has remained an industry leader in the manufacturing of ferrous and non-ferrous processing equipment.

Harris equipment is backed by a well-trained, worldwide distribution organization, supported by a large staff of factory technicians, and large parts inventories at both distributor sites and the manufacturing plants. For more information visit


Our engineers work seamlessly with fabricators at our manufacturing facility, using today’s communication technology, to offer scrap shredder system operators a set of resources that is unmatched by other suppliers of ferrous metal scrap and auto shredding equipment to make the right shredder facility to meet your needs and match your budget.

TG Ferrous Baler

The TG ferrous metal baler is a standout for heavy-duty, high-production, reliable baling systems. The TG baler utilizes a three compression baling system to produce numerous bale sizes to meet market requirements.

TGS Ferrous Baler

TGS - The TGS ferrous metal baler is a terrific heavy-duty, high-production, and reliable baling system. The TGS baler utilizes a three compression baling system to produce numerous bale sizes to meet market requirements

HRB Centurion

The popular Harris HRB Centurion is a high-performance two ram baler designed specifically for medium to high volume applications.


The popular Harris Badger is a narrow-box two ram baler with a reputation for value and reliability as well as flexibility.


The Harris Gorilla is designed specifically for all ranges of customer from small to large production facilities. The Gorilla's flexibility makes it an ideal two ram baler for anyone looking to move to a two ram.

Vertical Balers

Are you manually breaking down boxes or does your current baling method take too long? A new Harris vertical baler is fast and powerful. It also only requires a single person to operate in most cases limiting the number of man hours (or manpower) needed in its operation. By baling you can reduce your disposal costs.

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Spotlight on single-ram horizontal balers

Single-ram horizontal balers are the most common type of baler employed in MRFs and other large-scale recycling facilities for compressing and readying recovered paper, plastics and other recyclables for transport downstream to end markets. Also referred to as a channel baler, these machines use a single-ram or cylinder to compress, move and eject material in a continuous cycle). They are ideal for high-production recycling facilities processing paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and UBCs, and are very adaptable to handle a range of other materials, including everything from textiles to metals.

Two-ram balers – rising star of recycling

If there's one thing in common with almost any material collected and processed in a recycling facility, it's this: it is bulky and difficult to handle. When it comes time to ship to end markets, the need to reduce that bulk for the sake of transportation costs and more efficient downstream processing is key. Balers serve this purpose for most recycling facilities. Product goes into the baler's hopper and comes out compacted and neatly squared off for easy storage, shipping and handling. 

Plum Creek Environmental appointed as latest ​U.S. distributor for Harris

Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. is pleased to announce Plum Creek Environmental Technologies, LLC as its distributor for the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. This distributorship includes sales, parts and service of all Harris vertical, horizontal, and Two Ram balers, including Centurion/HRB brand balers.

Harris introduces Integrated Recycling Systems Division

Mark Haire was recently named Vice President of Integrated Recycling Systems for Harris Waste Management Group, Inc. Harris' Integrated Recycling Systems’ main focus will be engineered projects not only for the Harris family of products, but also ferrous and non-ferrous processing systems design and supply. This specialized group is comprised of experienced material handling and processing, controls automation, project management and service personnel to ensure that Harris supplies the highest quality of processing system solutions in the industry.

Narrow Box, Multi-Purpose, Two-Ram Badger

The Harris Badger is a narrow box, multi-purpose two-ram baler engineered to provide quality, efficiency and reliability at an economical price. Harris says they have made significant improvements over the years and the Badger is the heaviest structure available in its baler class. The unique uni-body (one-piece design) features a very strong frame, providing a robust and maintenance friendly machine.


In the grand scheme of things, West Coast Metal Recycling is not a large operation. Located in Langley, B.C., just outside Vancouver, the company moved to a new 3.2-acre site in 2012, where they now have 52,000 square feet of covered building and process between 1,200 and 1,500 tons of ferrous and nonferrous metals monthly. The company services established markets around the world, shipping direct from B.C. to most global ports.

Retrofit shredder cage

Designed originally as an option for Harris-built shredders, the Harris Shredder Cage can be retrofitted to any existing shredder, regardless of the manufacturer or size. Covered by a patented design and supported by Harris, this Shredder Cage provides visibility to the shredder’s operation, while the structure and stainless steel net ensures maximum resistance to impact and explosions.  

The badger: a narrow-box multi-purpose baler

The Harris Badger is a narrow-box, multi-purpose baler designed for producing high density bales with very high baling force in its class. Units process ONP, OCC, high grade paper, MSW, PET, HDPE, film, cans, electronic scrap, white goods and non-ferrous metals.  

Ecotecnica Manta 54 baler / logger

Manufactured in Europe by Ecotecnica and distributed in North America by Harris, the Manta 54 is a ruggedly designed, small footprint baler / logger ideal for operations that need a transportable or permanently stationary machine. These baler / loggers  process white goods, light scrap, factory clips and skeletons, and include heavy-duty design throughout as well as compression box hinges that provide virtually no exposure to scrap when the baler/logger is in the closed position.  

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