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Eggersmann North America Inc. - F 38 Shredders

What is the most effective way to shred green waste and brush for composting? How can waste wood and biomass be optimally pre-shredded? In short: Which shredder is the best choice to optimize your existing process? The new dual-shaft shredder Eggersmann F 38 is the ideal solution for you - powerful, easy to use, and reliable.

The recovery of raw materials is an increasingly important topic in the renewable energy sector. For example, solar panels can only be used for about 25 years before they need to be recycled. The solar panels consist of high-quality components that are firmly connected to each other. The individual components can be efficiently separated from one another with the Eggersmann F 38 shredder. Thanks to the easily interchangeable breaker-bar system, the material can be shredded to a certain product size. With the help of the hydraulically adjustable magnetic separator, the ferrous components are also removed from the process as a separate fraction.

Modular breaker-bar system 

The final product sizes and production rates of this high-torque shredder can be adjusted and optimized within just 10 minutes using the hydraulic, modular breaker-bar system, depending on the application, from 4" minus to 20" minus.

The tipping hopper of the Eggersmann F 38 has a capacity of 6.5 cubic yards and can be operated hydraulically at the push of a button. The ideal solution for loading is by wheel loader or excavator. The height of the overbelt magnet can be adjusted hydraulically by remote control and thus optimally adapted to the material flow and the requirements of the separation. The discharge height of up to 13'5" allows bulk goods trucks to be conveniently loaded.