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BACE - VMAX26 & VMAX45 Balers

The VMAX26 & VMAX45 are designed to meet the specifications of your client’s back haul program without compromising the rigorous baling expectations of the backroom personnel. These balers produce bales specifically weighted and dimensioned to fit 26 & 45 into a container improving container weights from the client’s approximately 30,000 lbs. to over approximately 55,000 lbs thereby providing up to a 73% increase.


Key Specifications: 2 models
Bale Weight (VMAX26, VMAX45) 1700 to 2000 lbs OCC and 1100 to 1400 lbs OCC
Bale Volume (VMAX26, VMAX45) 83 cu. ft. and 50 cu. ft.
Motor HP 10 HP Submersible
Compact Force (Normal/Maximum) 150,798 lb / 165,878 lb
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 38 gal (60 gal with optional regen)
No. of Bale Tie Slots (VMAX26, VMAX45) 7 (18’ by 12 GA.) and 5 (14’ by 12 GA.)

Company Info

2205 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC
US, 28206


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