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American Baler

Address 800 East Center Street, Bellevue, OH, 44811, US
Phone: 1-800-843-7512
Fax: 1-419-483-3815
Email [email protected]
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Americna Baler, one of the oldest, most respected baler manufacturers in the world, is committed to providing Integrity, Quality, Reliability and Value for our customers.

Single Ram Auto-Tie Balers

A full range of single ram auto-tie balers for low volume and very high volume baling of OCC, paper, shreds, trim, cans

Single Ram, Full Eject, Manual Tie Balers

Single ram, full eject, manual-tie balers for low volume OCC, paper, plastics, cans

Two Ram Balers

A wide range of narrow box and wide box two ram balers for OCC, paper, plastics, cans, and non-ferrous scrap metal

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