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Bace granted disruptive patent for IntelliBACE baler and compactor monitoring technology

This past spring, BACE, LLC announced the launch of the first-ever, fully-integrated Ecosystem for balers and compactors, powered by the IntelliBACE Platform. This August, BACE announced issuance by the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) of US Patent No.: US 10,377,518, which protects the IntelliBACE Platform.

BACE vertical balers designed for paper recyclers

BACE Baler and Compaction Equipment vertical balers are specifically engineered for paper recycling applications in IC&I and recycling facilities, and are built specifically to meet Canadian safety standards. According to Recycling Equipment Canada (REC), the Ontario-based supplier for BACE, these balers offer high quality and high efficiency with lower operating costs over the long term. 

SmartBaler Combines Digital Scale with Intelligence Software

The recently introduced SmartBaler System combines a digital scale with business intelligence software, enabling any baler (from any manufacturer) to weigh its own contents and transmit any and all relevant data to ensure users get the most from their balers – and the most out of the relationship between paper recyclers and customers.