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American Baler

American Baler - 8072HSL-11225 Balers

American Balers 8072HSL-11225 horizontal baler is designed with a big 80″ x 72″ feed opening to handle bulky OCC fed from any direction with one or more conveyors. The 8072HSL-11225 with a high speed side ram bales more material per ram stroke resulting in increased OCC hourly production and produces an "export" bale size that can be easily loaded into sea containers.


Machine Specifications
Production volume: Up to 47,000 cubic feet per hour
Nominal feed opening: 80″ x 72″
Maximum ram force: 332,620#
Expanded bale size: 44″ x 44″ x var
OCC production capacity: up to 30 TPH

Company Info

800 East Center Street
Bellevue, OH
US, 44811


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