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Kadant Paal was founded in 1854 in Osnabrück, Germany. Since its introduction of the first continuously operated horizontal baler in 1960, Kadant Paal has delivered more than 30,000 machines and today is the #1 channel baler manufacturer in Europe.

KADANT PAAL balers are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Bulk Handling Systems.

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​Vilar Guillén: Evolving from a focus on local recycling to world markets

Only a few years ago the standards for recycled paper and board in China were not high. As a massive importer, China is now known to reject entire container loads based upon one inferior bale. Responding to this reality, Valorizaciones Vilar Guillén SL (V V G) set out to streamline their entire business to deliver against tight specifications, earning respect and repeat business as a result.

Spotlight on single-ram horizontal balers

Single-ram horizontal balers are the most common type of baler employed in MRFs and other large-scale recycling facilities for compressing and readying recovered paper, plastics and other recyclables for transport downstream to end markets. Also referred to as a channel baler, these machines use a single-ram or cylinder to compress, move and eject material in a continuous cycle). They are ideal for high-production recycling facilities processing paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and UBCs, and are very adaptable to handle a range of other materials, including everything from textiles to metals.

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Back in 1961 Maurice Parry and Jack Evans went around to local farms in Wales and began recycling farmer's hessian sacks. Today, Parry & Evans provides over 120,000 bales annually of premium-recovered fiber across the globe. Various grades of board, OCC, paper and newsprint become the next generation of paperboard packaging to protect goods, making yet another trip or more around the world.