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Machinex - MLP Series Balers

The most innovative high-capacity single-ram extrusion balers are combined with patented pre-press & shear technology: reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Machinex has designed and built advanced balers that process up to 85 tons of material per hour and deliver optimal bale density.


Key Specifications: 5 models
Cycle Time (Material & Pre-Flap) 18 sec. - 20.5 sec.
Cycle Time (Material without Pre-Flap) 13 sec. - 14.5 sec.
Capacity per Cycle & Pre-Flap 131 cu. ft. - 165 cu. ft.
Capacity per Cycle without Pre-Flap 68 cu. ft. - 102 cu. ft.
Displacement per Hour with the Pre-Flap 26,200 cu. ft - 39,941 cu. ft.
Displacement per Hour without Pre-Flap 18,831 cu. ft. - 33,382 cu. ft.
Tie Cycle Time 15 sec.

Company Info

2121 Rue Olivier
Plessisville, QC
CA, G6L 3G9


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