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International Baler Corporation

Address Jacksonville, FL, US
Phone 1-800-231-9286
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International Baler introduces first “European Style” Auto-Tie made in the USA

International Baler Corp. (IBC) has begun production of their new ATX Auto-Tie baler series, a high-volume, "European style" baler for MRF and MSW applications. IBC is the first manufacturer to offer this class of machine in the USA. Built entirely in their plant in Jacksonville, Florida, IBC offers US customers a domestic alternative to the high cost and extended lead time of overseas shipping, parts, and service.

Two-ram balers – rising star of recycling

If there's one thing in common with almost any material collected and processed in a recycling facility, it's this: it is bulky and difficult to handle. When it comes time to ship to end markets, the need to reduce that bulk for the sake of transportation costs and more efficient downstream processing is key. Balers serve this purpose for most recycling facilities. Product goes into the baler's hopper and comes out compacted and neatly squared off for easy storage, shipping and handling. 

First plastic strapper on two-ram baler

International Baler’s new plastic strapper unit is the first successfully integrated plastic strapper on a two-ram baler, according to the company. This technology is ideal for non-ferrous, cardboard and other material with lower memory. Benefits include increased safety, as there is no danger fro

Open-end auto-tie balers

These open-end auto-tie balers offer high volume throughput, heavy bale weights and are available in numerous standard configurations. Units are fully automatic, with multi-material capabilities, are built with heavy-duty welded construction, and use T8 & T10 Regen hydraulic systems. These balers meet or exceed all current ANSI Z 245.5 safety standards, and dual-tensioning models are available.

Two-rams for non-ferrous

Ideal for large-scale non-ferrous high-speed, high-volume applications, these heavy-duty two-ram balers feature fully automatic operation, multi-material capability, and are easy to operate. Key features include: heavy-duty welded construction; a T8 & T10 regen hydraulic system; integrated disconnect providing for lock-out/tag-out procedures; adjustable shear blades; “touch screen” controls; quick material change over; and an exclusive “removable” chamber wall.

High-volume, Open-End Auto-Tie balers

IBC’s Open-End Auto-Tie balers offer high volume throughput, heavy bale weights and are available in numerous standard configurations. The Auto-Tie Series is specifically designed for high volume applications including distribution centres, paper processors, mail facilities, county recycling centres, warehouses, envelope plants, and document destruction operations.

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