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​Republic Services' new Texas MRF putting community education at the forefront

Republic Services is tackling head-on the crisis of overly contaminated waste streams in today's MRFs. With current residential contamination levels reaching as high as 30% or more, it is critical that processors send a clear message to the community about what is accepted in the recycling program, while also employing the most advanced, flexible technology on the market to separate this evolving stream.

Van Dyk unveils new Positive Sorting plant

Van Dyk talks Positive Sorting— a revolutionary concept that redefines the MRF system. Positive Sorting involves targeting paper early on in the system so as to separate it quickly and cleanly. A combination of Van Dyk screens and opticals is employed to achieve the cleanest possible paper grades. Non-wrapping screens operate at peak performance to prepare the material for optical sorting. Opticals can recognize and differentiate any type of paper, even cardboard and boxboard. Click the video to see Van Dyk's newest MRF of the future.

Metso Waste Recycling strengthens sales in North America

Lou Martins is Metso Waste Recycling's new General Sales Manager in North America. Lou brings with him significant experience and a proven track record from the solid waste market, including 6 years with Van Dyk Recycling Solutions. "With Van Dyk Recycling Solutions Lou successfully developed and led a North American solutions initiative for processing and treating a new waste stream for glass.

Optical sorting, robotics and AI to drive MRF market towards $251.7 million by 2022 according to latest analysis

With China's National Sword regulation imposing restrictions on the import of solid wastes, US single-stream recycling material recovery facilities (MRFs) are left with few options for processing their vast quantities of recycling materials. The technology and capabilities gap between the advanced foreign facilities and the domestic facilities are compelling the latter to make strategic investment decisions regarding processing equipment. While operations and business models will undergo major changes, it is processing technologies such as optical sorting, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will drive the $185.2 million market towards $251.7 million by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate of 6.3 percent. 

Meeting new challenges at the MRF

This past summer, Van Dyk Recycling Solutions sponsored and hosted a webinar titled "MRFs in Crisis! Where do we go from here?" During the webinar, Van Dyk's sales manager and process Engineer, Adam Lovewell, along with colleague Mark Neitzey, focused on the topic of how recycling businesses have been struggling to deal with China's changes in import policy. According to Lovewell and Neitzey, the so-called "China crisis" has exposed serious issues throughout the recycling industry and "we have hit a critical point where owners and operators need to take a hard look at their equipment's ability to handle changes in the stream."

Spotlight on single-ram horizontal balers

Single-ram horizontal balers are the most common type of baler employed in MRFs and other large-scale recycling facilities for compressing and readying recovered paper, plastics and other recyclables for transport downstream to end markets. Also referred to as a channel baler, these machines use a single-ram or cylinder to compress, move and eject material in a continuous cycle). They are ideal for high-production recycling facilities processing paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and UBCs, and are very adaptable to handle a range of other materials, including everything from textiles to metals.

​FCC Environmental and Van Dyk announce second MRF in Houston

One year after completing their Dallas MRF, FCC Environmental is back with another contract for the city of Houston, Texas. FCC teamed up again with supplier Van Dyk Recycling Solutions to deliver a high-capacity system with the most advanced technology on the market. The previous collaboration between the two parties (the Dallas MRF) won the National Waste and Recycling Association's Recycling Facility of the Year Award in 2017.

Van Dyk test facility to feature world-class equipment from TOMRA, Lubo and Spaleck

 Equipment is arriving for Van Dyk's new test facility located in their Norwalk, CT campus. The site is currently home to their extensive spare parts warehouse (which holds over 13,000 different parts) and baler rebuild center (which fully reconditions balers for resale), and is their future headquarters intended to house their main offices and training classrooms.

​Diversified Recycling adds six new screens from VAN DYK

Diversified Recycling of Homewood, IL is set to upgrade their traditional paper screens with four new Non-Wrapping 440 screens from VAN DYK Recycling Solutions. The 440 screen (shown above) is VAN DYK's latest offering to drastically reduce film wrapping in starscreens.

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