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FB6015 Scales

The FB6015 instrument is the latest instrument in Fairbanks FB6000 family of instruments. It is available with Fairbanks exclusive Intalogix Technology, the industry leading load cell communication and surge protection technology, as model FB6015. It is also available as a traditional analog instrument, model FB6005. The FB6015 is packaged in a stainless steel washdown enclosure for desk or wall mounting. The FB6015 features three weighing modes of operation, and also offers optional setpoint relay controls.  Up to eight (8) relays with five (5) modes of operation are available.  The FB6015 also provides multiple serial ports, USB ports and an on board 802.3 ethernet port to meet your application requirements.


Key Specifications
Display Bright red, 16-segment, LED with adjustable intensity
Kepypad Oversized keys: 0-9, Decimal point, Enter, 14 control keys
Loop ID/Truck ID Up to 15 alphanumeric characters
Load cells Ten 350 ohm cells, 16 1000 ohm cells