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Portable vehicle scales​ help heavy-haul carriers stay compliant

Heavy-haul carriers transport oversized objects using public roadways. While these loads may weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds, operators must still comply with permitted limits, while also completing their job safely. Intercomp has a variety of options to fill this unique application for a range of applications including construction, oil & gas, waste and recycling, heavy-haul transportation and electrical utility.

Intercomp HH400 handheld weighing indicator updated

Intercomp continues its history of continuous innovation and product improvement with the latest updates to their HH400 Handheld Indicator. Previously known as the TL-RFX Indicator, it was the go-to choice for Intercomp’s TL Series Tension Link Scales. Now with added features such as output to RFX enabled wireless printers, memory storage, and RS232 output, the HH400 Handheld Indicator is ideal for monitoring and controlling CS and TL Series Crane and Tension Link Scales, as well as PT and LP Portable Wheel Load Scales from up to 300' (90m). With three display modes, it allows simultaneous viewing of data from up to four scales from a large, graphic display in an IP65 ergonomically designed housing. These state-of-the-industry features make this NTEP certified indicator an ideal solution for any weighing application requiring remote monitoring and control of up to four scales.

New LS20 indicator for weigh-in-motion axle scales automates weighing

Intercomp is proud to announce exciting new updates for their LS-WIM Weigh-in-Motion Axle Scale Systems. Known for being a more efficient and cost effective alternative to older full size truck scales, American-made LS-WIM scale systems are now NTEP Certified making them Legal for Trade when weighing in static mode. Intercomp has also released a new purpose-built indicator further solidifying LS-WIM scale systems as the preferred solution for a variety of truck traffic applications.

Axle Scale Systems available with integrated wireless weighing technology

Intercomp has announced that the company’s AX900 Axle Scale Systems are now available with fully integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology. This time-saving, cable-free operation improves safety and efficiency and is made possible by embedded radios that enable wireless communication to a variety of devices, while digital output still allows for cable backup. Calibration is stored at the scale, providing users with interchangeability of all components. Alternatively, users are able to interface their own indicator to the scales using analog output versions.  For customers whose local regulations prevent the use of wireless radio communication, radios can be disabled or hardwired alternatives can be supplied.

Intercomp electronic platform scales now available wireless

Intercomp’s fully portable, electronic CW250 platform scales are now available with RFX Wireless Weighing as standard equipment. These scales are ideal for weighing hazardous medical waste, as well as 55 gallon drums, chlorine cylinders, Freon/Puron tanks, and other liquid or gaseous containers. Wireless weighing improves safety and scales can be controlled from an optional Handheld RFX Wireless Weighing Indicator.  

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