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Flintec - FT-30M Scales

The FT-30M is a modular onboard vehicle weight indicator. It features a clear and easy to read full colour LED touch-screen display and M12 (A coded) electrical connections. It is directed to all road going vehicles, agricultural machines and other forms of static and mobile mechanical handling machinery.

The simple to use weight indicator gives operators the power to control payloads, maximize pro ts and avoid dangerous overloads. Alarms alert users to upcoming and present overloads. Simple on-screen menus allow drivers to choose between net, gross, percent, collected or delivered weights. A passcode protects essential settings. It's compatible with a range of accessory devices for maximum vehicle utilization and payload efficiency. On screen calibration makes set-up simple.


Key Specifications
Accuracy Dual channel 24-bit delta-sigma ADC
Display RGB colour 480 x 169 dots
Screen viewing dimensions 35mm x 95mm

Company Info

18A Kane Industrial Drive
Hudson, MA
US, 01749


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