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Don’t miss out on the most popular recycling industry news stories of 2023

Read on for a roundup of this year's top news stories
Read on for a roundup of this year's top news stories

This year was full of important milestones as the recycling industry continues to work towards a more circular economy. Notably in 2023, researchers developed groundbreaking recycling methods, municipalities launched new residential pilot projects, and countries worldwide continued to make efforts toward their climate goals. While the circular economy is one of the largest topics in the industry, it isn't the only one. From strategic partnerships to major acquisitions, read on for a roundup of this year's top news stories.

Electrodes in the lithium batteries that power electric vehicles could be made from recycled mattress textiles. Adobe Stock Images

Mattress textiles could be used to make EV batteries 

According to a project funded by the Mattress Recycling Council, researchers found that electrodes in lithium batteries could be made from recycled mattress textiles. Researchers developed a process that turns mattress textiles into conductive carbon materials used to make the anodes and cathodes in lithium-sulphur rechargeable batteries. These lithium-sulphur batteries can store two to three times more energy than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Researchers are exploring the potential commercialization of this method.

Read more on how mattress textiles could be used to make EV batteries in the full article.


Watch MrBeast drop a Lamborghini into the world's largest shredder

MrBeast, a popular YouTuber with over 217 million subscribers, dropped a decommissioned Lamborghini into the world's largest shredder. The video includes many explosive-related antics and the shredding of a pallet of Coke bottles, a Hershey's vending machine, and a portable toilet. To help with each shred, MrBeast used a Liebherr 934 C material handler to help guide the luxury car - and everything else - down into the shredder.

Watch MrBeast shred a decommissioned Lamborghini in the full article.

Guitars, a car, balloons, and paintings are being shredded.

Watch SSI shred guitars, toilets, peanut butter, and more

Over a long-running video series, SSI Shredding Systems has put a lot of items through its shredders. The first video was uploaded 16 years ago and since then, SSI has shredded almost everything you can think of. We've gathered 10 of SSI's best Shred of the Week videos into one place for you to enjoy.

Watch this compilation of relaxing shredding videos in the full article.

A Republic Services collection truck drives away from a recycling facility. Republic Services

Republic Services completes acquisition of select GFL operations in Western U.S.

In the middle of 2023, Republic Services acquired select GFL operations. This includes the recycling, collection, and disposal assets in Denver, Colorado Springs, Durango, and Cañon City in Colorado and Bloomfield in New Mexico. Republic Services has acquired recycling infrastructure in Colorado and New Mexico, helping the company expand in these markets.

Learn more about Republic Services' acquisition of several GFL operations in the full article.

The electric refuse collection vehicle will be produced in a new facility in Tennessee. McNeilus

McNeilus to build 50 fully integrated electric collection vehicles for Republic Services

Earlier in 2023, McNeilus introduced its fully integrated Volterra ZSL electric collection vehicle, and Republic Services was the first recycler to place an order for the truck - 50 of them to be exact. The deliveries of the electric collection vehicle will begin in June 2024.

Republic Services provided insights into the operational, safety, and ergonomic features of the Volterra ZSL when McNeilus was designing the truck. The electric refuse collection vehicle offers recyclers a single OEM vehicle. All systems and functions are designed to work together and there is no need to mount a third-party refuse body onto the chassis.

Learn more about Republic Services' order of 50 Volterra ZSL electric collection vehicles in the full article.

Greyparrot's AI waste recognition system Greyparrot

Amcor invests $500,000 in Greyparrot to advance circular technologies

As part of its Amcor Lift-Off program, a pitching competition for early startups, Amcor has invested $500,000 in Greyparrot to help scale its AI-powered waste recognition system towards a more circular economy. Greyparrot's technology monitors, compiles data, and sorts through large waste flows inside resource recovery facilities. Waste managers can then use the gathered data to improve sorting, recycling rates, and accountability.

Read more about Amcor's investment in Greyparrot in the full article.

The most significant cost of battery pack collection and recycling is logistics. Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials makes policy suggestions for EV battery recycling following successful recycling program

A year after the launch of its electric vehicle battery recycling program, Redwood Materials has shared a year of findings to show the value of end-of-life (EOL) packs, identify gaps in the industry that need support, and help aid policymakers. As part of the program, Redwood worked with Toyota, Ford, Volvo Cars, and the Volkswagen Group of America along with dismantlers to collect and recycle vehicle batteries. Redwood identified and recovered 1,268 end-of-life packs, totalling approximately half a million pounds of material through its first year.

Read more about Redwood Materials' vehicle battery recycling program and its policy suggestions in the full article.

The Government of Canada says that the collaboration will explore the opportunity for value-added mineral processing and materials manufacturing in Canada. Adobe Stock Images

Rio Tinto invests $1.4 billion to expand sustainable aluminum production in Quebec

Rio Tinto will spend $1.4 billion to strengthen its production of green aluminum as part of a partnership agreement with the Government of Canada. As part of the agreement, Rio Tinto will expand its aluminum smelter equipped with the company's AP60 electrolysis technology located in Saguenay, Quebec. The decarbonization of critical minerals is essential for Canada to achieve its climate goals and this collaboration with Rio Tinto is helping to pave the way forward.

Read the full article about the partnership between Rio Tinto and the Government of Canada.

A TerraCycle courtyard TerraCycle

TerraCycle acquires Complete Recycling Solutions

Complete Recycling Solutions specializes in recycling lighting and electronic waste, including all mercury-bearing lamps, electronics, and cathode ray tubes (CRTs); mercury devices; batteries; PCB; and non-PCB lighting ballasts. The company was established in 2002 and, over twenty years since its inception, was acquired by TerraCycle US. TerraCycle says that Complete Recycling Solutions – which has earned the R2 Certification from the EPA – is known for its versatile customer service and recycling facilities.

Find out more about the acquisition in the full article.

Once the Mill kitchen bin is full – which takes a few weeks – residents schedule a pickup in the Mill app. Mill Industries

Mill launches municipal food waste pilot partnership with the City of Tacoma

Food waste attracts flies, stinks, and can be hard to deal with in the home. A pilot project between the City of Tacoma and Mill Industries sought to help alleviate those problems. As part of the pilot, Tacoma residents received prioritized access to the Mill Membership, a system that turns residential food waste into grounds that can be sent to farms as feed ingredients for chickens or used in local gardens. Residents who sign up receive a kitchen mill that dries, shrinks, and mills food waste overnight. Tacoma operates under a pay-as-you-throw waste structure. By reducing the waste that residents need to throw away, households can save money and recycle their food.

Learn more about Mill and the Tacoma pilot in the full article.

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