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Watch MrBeast drop a Lamborghini into the world’s largest shredder

A Liebherr material handler pushes a Lamborghini into a shredder. MrBeast

James Stephen Donaldson is a popular YouTuber who goes by the name of MrBeast. His videos amass hundreds of millions of views and are filled with expensive stunts and elaborate challenges, such as spending 50 hours buried alive, adopting every dog in a dog shelter, and challenging people to spend 100 days in a giant circle to win $500,000.

This time, MrBeast decided to take a decommissioned Lamborghini and shred it in the world's largest shredder.

The Lamborghini MrBeast slated to shred was already set to be decommissioned, and had an empty engine block. Before the luxury car could make its way through the knives, the YouTuber shredded a giant pallet of Coke bottles, a piano, a Hershey's vending machine, and a portable toilet.

To help with all of the shredding activities, MrBeast used a Liebherr A 934 C material handler to help guide the luxury car down into the shredder. Watch the full video above and see what over 94 million others have checked out.

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