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Multiple major manufacturers of horizontal grinders have released new models in 2018. HOGS, as they are sometimes called (HOrizontal GrinderS), are unquestionably the workhorse of the wood recycling industry and are a key piece of equipment for composters, land clearing contractors and biomass-for-energy producers, as well as C&D and MSW processors, where in both cases, wood and other organics are part of a mixed stream of materials. The latest model horizontal grinders feature lighter weights with higher production, increased transportability and site mobility, diesel, hybrid and fully electric power options, along with sophisticated controls systems, and ease of use and maintenance for operators and owners. This article looks at the latest horizontal grinder models and updates from Morbark, CW Mill, Rotochopper, CBI, Diamond Z, Bandit, Vermeer, Precision Husky, and Peterson Pacific.

Morbark's 6400XT Wood HOG features an infeed bed 24 inches (60.96 cm) longer than previous Morbark grinders in the 1,000-plus horsepower range and has sloped sides.

Customer input shaping Morbark's next generation 6400XT Wood HOG
Morbark's 6400XT Wood Hog, introduced in May 2018, is the newest model in the company's next-generation platform of horizontal grinders. 

According to Michael Stanton, Morbark director of industrial sales, "Morbark listened closely to our customers when we developed the 6400XT Wood Hog. We took our previous proven design technology and added the features our customers want and the versatility they need when we created this high-production unit. 

"Industry demands for high-production mobile units that meet stringent logistic restrictions but remain economically viable were the leading drivers during the design phase."

The new 6400XT includes many feature improvements which are similar to the smaller 3400XT, introduced in 2017. The infeed bed is 24 inches (60.96 cm) longer than previous Morbark grinders in the 1,000-plus horsepower range and has sloped sides. This configuration improves operator sightlines for more efficient loading of material. Standard on the 6400XT is a removable infeed chain return floor, which allows excess material to fall away to minimize the wear on the floor, bed chain and inserts, particularly useful in land-clearing or other applications processing "dirty" material. As part of a focus on transportability, the 6400XT is designed to weigh in at less than 96,500  pounds (43,772 kg) and measures 3.49 m wide with the standard Caterpillar 325L undercarriage. Combined with 600-mm double grousers, this allows the unit to be transported to nearly all domestic and international markets.

"When we introduced the 3400XT last year, our customers responded very favourably," explained Stanton. "It had a major impact on the market, and so far the 6400XT has been as well-received."

Another key improvement is the 42- x 61-inch (107- x 155-cm) solid-plate rotor with 3-inch (7.6-cm) retaining rods and a 42-inch (106.7-cm) tip swing. The 6400XT's standard hammer pattern includes 18 hammers with 18 rakers, but like all Morbark rotors, it can be configured to multiple patterns for various application requirements. The standard engine options for these new grinders are the Caterpillar C27, 1,050-hp (783-kW) engine or Caterpillar C32, 1200-hp (895-kW) engine, both Tier 4 Final.

Morbark's proven and exclusive driveline protection system is also standard on all Wood Hog models, including an externally adjustable breakaway torque limiter that helps protect the driveline and hammermill from catastrophic damage caused by contaminants. 

The CW Mill HogZilla HZL-6250T horizontal on tracks features a CAT C27 engine, 1,200-hp rated torque converter mill drive designed to provide greater production and fuel economy.

CW Mills' HZL Series based on decades of tub grinder experience
HZL Series horizontal grinders are designed to put CW Mill Equipment's long experience in industrial grinders to work, and are built with the same commitment to reliable performance that HogZilla has provided with its Monster tub grinders for decades, according to the Kansas-based manufacturer. By providing similar features including solid construction and high-production-oriented design, the HZL Series can be configured in stationary, portable or track mounted arrangements with engine choices ranging from 400 to 1,000 hp.  

The HogZilla HZL-6250T horizontal on tracks features a CAT C27 engine, 1,200-hp rated torque converter mill drive designed to provide greater production and fuel economy, a 16-belt, 1,600-hp Jackshaft Drive designed for longer service life and reduced maintenance, dual feed rollers, and a 44-inch single feed wheel with integrated hydraulic motor. HZL model horizontal grinders can be equipped with a variety of different mill drive systems including wet clutch, hydraulic coupling, or torque converter, and provide several choices in hammermills, feeder sizes and styles, allowing the grinder to be custom built for the end user.

Rotochoppers' B-66 L grinder includes the RotoLink system for remote monitoring, providing reporting and tracking data to ensure consistent efficiency, predictive maintenance and reduce downtime.

Rotochopper B-66 L grinder design based on customer feedback
According to Rotochopper, their latest horizontal grinder, the B-66 L-Series  is designed to be an aggressive, flexible and heavy-duty machine that is the result of a focus on innovation and growth, based largely on customer feedback. 

"Today's world requires the ability to execute change with laser focus to meet your customer's changing needs and wants," said Rotochopper President/CEO Art de St. Aubin. "When you sell direct to end users, you have the unique advantage to listen, adapt, change and innovate through customer feedback.  

"The new B-66 L-Series launch required extensive R&D, data evaluations, engineering assessments and, most important, customer partnerships," he continued. "This new heavy-duty superior machine will compete on a world-class market platform." 

The new B-66 L's infeed hopper is designed lower, longer, and produces less drag, a newly designed aggressive powerfeed pulls materials into the grinding chamber effortlessly, and the unit's 38-inch throat opening accommodates some of the toughest material including large logs, whole trees and brushy feedstocks. 

Plus, remote monitoring, through Rotochopper's RotoLink system, provides reporting and tracking data to ensure consistent efficiency, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime. Rotochopper says customer feedback resulted in the following options as standard features on the B-66L grinder: wear liners, bolt-in anvil, 24-tooth rotor with 2-inch-thick drum, and a reinforced case.  

In addition, the B-66 L-Series grinder can be powered by either a 950- or 1,050-hp diesel engine and can be paired with an enhanced Generation II Dolly to seamlessly transition the machine from highway transport to work site navigation modes in minutes. The re-engineered Gen II Dolly incorporates a longer, more robust axle spread to more evenly distribute the weight of the grinder, mitigating transport restrictions and obstacles.  

"Our belief is we are not doing our customers a favour by serving them," said de St. Aubin. "They are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so." 

Earlier in 2018, Rotochopper also introduced the B-66 E 1,000-hp dual-motor-drive electric-powered horizontal grinder. The dual-motor drive on this machine is designed to reduce operating and maintenance costs compared to a single-motor drive, and minimize amperage surges at start-up. 

"The growth in yard waste composting, municipal waste and other high-volume markets is driving increased demand for bigger electric grinders with higher horsepower," said de St. Aubin.

CBI's new 6800CT grinder features a 15 percent larger screening area that wraps more than 190 degrees around the rotor, allowing production rates to surge beyond 200 tons per hour.

CBi's new 6800CT grinder on display at 2018 Factory Forum
 Industry professionals from around the world gathered in Newton, New Hampshire, at the start of October for the 2018 CBI and Ecotec Factory Forum. CBI's expanded on-site demo arena included live demos of 12 machines from the CBI and Ecotec product lines, including the all-new CBI 6800CT Horizontal Grinder. 

The three-day event featured a pair of CBI 6800CT horizontal grinders which, according to the company, have been engineered to improve on CBI's 6800BT model design. 

The new 6800CT features a 15 percent larger screening area that wraps more than 190 degrees around the rotor, allowing production rates to surge beyond 200 tons per hour. In addition, according to CBI, the naturally efficient design of the new grinder's offset helix rotor minimizes kinetic energy loss from each strike, requiring less power to rotate while evenly distributing wear and outproducing the competition. 

"The 6800CT has been designed completely with the end user in mind, including serious production and maintenance upgrades," said Art Murphy, director of sales and marketing at Terex Environmental Equipment.

Supported by a larger shaft and bearings and an optional 1,200-hp CAT C32, the 6800 CT engine powers a forged drum rotor through the toughest materials. These grinders are built to process land clearing debris, pallets, clean industrial waste, stumps, logs, mulch, bark, shingles, railroad ties and whole trees as fast as material can be loaded.

Diamond Z's DZH3000 grinders provide 580 hp in a 63,000-pound package, and are designed with a patented breakaway mill bearing feature to prevent horizontal hammermill loss due to contaminant impact.

DZH3000 designed to prevent hammermill loss
Diamond Z's latest-model horizontal grinders include the DZH3000, a smaller, lighter, cost efficient machine infused with all of Diamond Z's proven heavy-duty performance features. These units provide 580 hp in a 63,000-pound package, and units are designed durable with a patented breakaway mill bearing feature to prevent horizontal hammermill loss due to contaminant impact. These units also feature an class-leading mill shaft/bearing design, according to DiamondZ.
Standard features of the DZH3000 include: fluid coupling mill drive transmission, reversing fan, radio remote control, tool box, engine cover, and super-screw belt lacing. Production rates are up to 50 tph (140 yph), with a screen area of                    3,146 square inches.

On Bandit's tracked 2460XP, Strickland and Caterpillar undercarriages are available, giving customers an additional option for their machines.

Latest Bandit Beast model grinder designed for productivity, mobility and ease of use
In 2018, Bandit Industries added an additional option to the Beast horizontal grinder lineup by introducing the Model 2460XP. Available as a towable or track machine, the 250-hp 2460XP is built from the ground up to outperform every other horizontal grinder in its class, according to Bandit.

The company says special attention was paid to making the 2460XP among the easiest horizontal grinders to service and maintain. Common maintenance items were designed to be accessible from either the ground or on built-in platforms. This reduces maintenance downtime and increases useful uptime.

"Key to any of The Beast horizontal grinders is the patented downturning cuttermill," said Bandit sales manager Jason Morey. "The 2460XP is equipped with a 60-inch-wide by 30-inch-diameter, 30-tooth cuttermill running Bandit's patented saw-tooth-style cutterbodies. This regulates the size of the tooth's bite, so most of the material is sized on the initial cut, allowing material to be sized correctly on the first pass so it exits the larger screening area more quickly."

For the tracked 2460XP, Bandit offers Strickland and Caterpillar undercarriages, giving customers an additional option for their track machines.

"We looked at everything when designing the Model 2460XP," added Morey. "Every design decision, every standard feature, and every option was chosen to make this the most productive horizontal grinder with 520 horsepower. 
"Anyone who sees the 2460XP in action will be able to immediately see what makes this unit so special." 

Vermeer's HG6800TX grinder include a Series III hard-faced duplex drum that offers durability and convenient maintenance, with the ability to remove and replace single hammers and balance the drum externally.

Vermeer HG6800TX damage defense system protects from contaminants 
Ideal for all wood and organics material grinding applications including land clearing and pipeline right-of-way operations, Vermeer's most recently introduced tracked model, the HG6800TX horizontal grinder, uses a high-horsepower 708-kW (950-hp) engine on a 41,730.5-kg (92,000-pound) machine with a compact design.

Units are available with Vermeer's Damage Defense system that reduces the likelihood of certain metal contaminants from entering the hammermill by reacting to the initial contact with the contaminant and reversing the feed system to allow removal of the contaminant. "The optional Damage Defense system is ideal for any tub or horizontal grinder operation that may encounter metal mixed in their incoming material," said Jeff Bradley, Vermeer's product manager for recycling and forestry. "The system can be factory-installed on new Vermeer grinders, and is available as a refitted option for many older Vermeer grinder models."

In addition, these units feature Vermeer's SmartFeed system that monitors engine rpm and adjusts grinding speed for optimal machine performance, as well as easy-change screens and an infeed design built specifically for feeding larger materials such as whole trees and large stumps. "The feed roller on this machine can climb up to 127 cm (50 inches) to help tackle the tough material elements," added Bradley. 

Other key features on the HG6800TX grinder include a Series III hard-faced duplex drum that offers durability and convenient maintenance, with the ability to remove and replace single hammers and balance the drum externally, and low side walls that aid in feeding whole trees and other larger material with less restriction, reducing the need for operator interaction with material.

Precision Husky ProGrind horizontal grinders include three models with either 30- or 40-inch cutting diameters, 45- or 60-inch infeed widths, and a self-adjusting clutch.

Pro-Grind horizontal grinders easily switch to chipper
Precision Husky's fuel-efficient, low-maintenance and low-noise grinders are busy all over the world manufacturing mulch, compost and boiler fuel. High-speed ProGrind horizontal grinders are ideal for working with long limbs, and each unit is built with a down-cut design, which allows users to switch out the hammermill for a two- or four-knife chipper drum. Additionally, the unit's dual cutting surfaces at various depths eliminate frustrating jams, and each model is remotely controlled and comes with a rugged diesel engine that offers from 520 hp up to 1,050 hp. Each unit is also equipped with a steel infeed belt and all models can be track- or trailer-mounted.

Precision Husky ProGrind horizontal grinders include H-3045, H-3060 and H-4060 models with either 30- or 40-inch cutting diameters, 45- or 60-inch infeed widths, and a self-adjusting clutch. Other features include a large-diameter feed wheel and dual opening doors for easy access to the screen and hammermill area, as well as a raised feed wheel that locks in place with hydraulically operated safety pins for ease of maintenance.

Peterson's 6710D can process large stumps traditionally reserved for tub grinders, and is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired.

Peterson to display largest model at USCC 2019
Peterson's largest available model, the 6710D Horizontal Grinder is scheduled to be on display at this year's US Composting Council event in Phoenix at the end of January. Designed for operations that need the most durable, highest output machine, these machines are powered by a 1125-hp (839-Kw) Tier 2, Caterpillar C32 engine (or an optional Tier 4 Interim Caterpillar C32 engine), and include a feed opening of 50 x 66 inches (127 x 168 cm). 

The 6710D can process large stumps traditionally reserved for tub grinders, and is particularly suited for land clearing operations or other applications where mobility is desired. Track mounting also reduces material handling costs in conventional recycling yards, and with the unit's R+ package, the 6710D Horizontal Grinder can be configured as a mid-speed grinder to handle heavily contaminated piles, and easily converts back to a high-speed grinder.

In addition, Peterson's three-stage grinding process with an up turning rotor and large grate area enables the 6710D Horizontal Grinder to produce materials to exact specifications, and a quick change multiple grate system makes it easy to customize grate configurations to produce a wide variety of finished materials. 

This article was originally published in the November/December 2018 edition of Recycling Product News, Volume 26, Number 8.

More from C&D Recycling

CBI introduces new horizontal grinder and presents Frontline Machinery with the 2019 Dealer of the Year award

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) premiered the 6400CT Horizontal Grinder and Chipper at the 2019 Factory Forum in Newton, New Hampshire. The 6400CT processed steel contaminated railroad ties along with a mix of construction and demolition debris to headline the range of environmental equipment at the show.

Metso launches new Nordtrack mobile crushing and screening product range

Metso is expanding its mobile crushing and screening solutions offering for the aggregates industry with an extensive new product portfolio. The new Metso Nordtrack range introduces 19 products designed to meet the requirements of general contractors in particular. The first deliveries are expected to take place during the first quarter of 2020.

McCloskey acquisition by Metso completed

Metso's acquisition of McCloskey International, a Canadian mobile crushing and screening equipment manufacturer, has been successfully completed. With this acquisition, Metso expands its offering in the aggregates industry globally and strengthens its customer reach especially to the general contractor segment. The acquisition was completed on October 1, 2019.

Priestly Demolition uses Mantovanibenne combi cutter to tear down old Toronto SickKids building

When it comes to large scale demolition, Mantovanibenne's combination crushers are ideal tools for tackling reinforced concrete and metal structures. These Italian-made attachments incorporate characteristics of crushers and shears to deliver performance even in the toughest of situations. These crushers' performance comes from the powerful cylinders and the twin pin system that contribute to the breaking and cutting force. The jaws incorporate sharp shear shaped blades that guide the cutting power to be executed in a clean controllable manner for the operator.

Rotochopper hosts 9th annual Demo Day

Rotochopper hosted customers and prospects from around the world at their 9th Annual Demo Day event held September 12th at the company's headquarters in St. Martin, Minnesota. The Rotochopper team and over 200 guests were not hampered by the inclement weather this year, with the schedule of machine demos, factory tours, educational sessions and networking filling the day. The event was organized around the theme "Partnership Through Innovation", which is a key value of the work that Rotochopper does every day.

Thompson Recycle Company slashes fuel and maintenance costs, minimizes downtime with Volvo Penta-powered generators

Thompson Recycle Company reprocesses mountains of used asphalt rubble every year with its three mobile crushing plants in Michigan. The mobile plants use generators as their prime power source at road construction sites. Since switching to Volvo Penta-powered 600 kWe generators, they're saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in fuel and maintenance costs, not to mention less downtime.

Multitasking Sennebogen material handler is right toolkit for urban dismantling projects

After ten years of seeing the former Wangler furniture store stand vacant, local residents in Regensburg, Germany were pleased to see a crew from Metz GmbH arrive to tear down the building. At the center of the jobsite is a SENNEBOGEN 830 R-HDD E Series material handler fitted with a variety of attachments to bring down and extract the material, sort it and load it for on-site crushing.

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Powerscreen adding Premiertrak 330 to jaw crusher range

Powerscreen is adding the Powerscreen Premiertrak 330 to its jaw crushing range. The new Premiertrak 330 is fitted with a simple, large fixed hopper improving setup time, reducing pegging and increasing the life of wear parts. The hydrostatic drive allows reversibility of the chamber, meaning the machine can unblock and run in reverse, allowing easier crushing of certain materials. In addition to this, a low engine speed improves fuel consumption and provides lower noise emissions for working in urban or restricted areas.

ShearCore's Fortress Cracker does double duty taking on primary and secondary demolition

ShearCore's Fortress Cracker is a primary demolition shear with the ability to do secondary demolition.
• Narrow Stick body for improved visibility.
• Removable isolated bottom cover provides exceptional access to all serviceable components.
• Unique pin retention eliminates weld-on cylinder pin keeper.
• Tight blade clearances allow rebar to be processed throughout the entire jaw length.
• Full-length side plates are machined from solid three-inch high-yield structural plate steel resulting in no weld seams.

First ZenRobotics AI-powered sorting system operational in California at Zanker Recycling

San Jose-based Zanker Recycling, a U.S. based specialist in construction and demolition (C&D) materials processing systems and recycling, in partnership with Plexus Recycling Technologies, the North American distributor of ZenRobotics, have announced that ZenRobotics' ZRR2 AI Robots are now officially operational at Zanker Recycling's San Jose site.

NPK demolition grabs efficient for sorting and recycling C&D waste

For use with excavators in the 11- to 44-ton range, these NPK grabs' high durability and low maintenance cost make them highly efficient for sorting and recycling C&D waste.
• High tension, special wear steel.
• 360-degree hydraulic rotation.
• They have a wide jaw opening and offer high closing force.
• Fully encased, easily accessible hydraulic components.
• Adjustable rotation speed and opening/closing speed
• Interchangeable and reversible cutters.
• Optional side covers and/or arm covers for loading activities and optional breaker plates for special demolition jobs.

Epiroc combi cutters serve up one-two crunch

These multi-purpose hydraulic attachments from Epiroc are for primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures, as well as for cutting steel structures.
• For carriers 33,000 pounds to 188,000 pounds (16.5 tons to 94 tons).
• Two powerful hydraulic cylinders deliver constant closing forces with short open-close cycle times.
• Low noise, low vibration.
• 360-degree endless hydraulic rotation to allow optimal positioning and precise handling.
• Replaceable and reversible cutting blades with attachments that can be equipped with different type jaws.

NPK demolition tool crushes reinforced concrete with ease

For use with excavators in the 21 to 50 ton range, these attachments from NPK easily crush through reinforced concrete allowing for faster, more efficient separation of concrete and steel rebar for primary and secondary demolition.
• Abrasion-resistant, high-strength alloy steel teeth decreases wear and increases durability.
• Optional 360-degree power rotation for maximum versatility.
• NPK's exclusive hydraulic intensifier system provides faster cycle times while requiring less flow and pressure from the carrier when compared with units using larger cylinders.
• Bolt-on replaceable tooth plate on the movable jaw.
• "A" models also utilize bolt-on tooth plate on the fixed jaw.

Caterpillar multi-processors for a variety of specialized demolition tasks

These heavy-duty, high-production tools from Caterpillar accept multiple interchangeable jaws for a variety of specialized demolition tasks.
• Speed booster technology dynamically shifts hydraulic force from speed to boost mode automatically during operation.
• Maximum crushing/cutting force is applied as soon as the jaw contacts material.
• Compact design keeps centre of gravity as close as possible to the machine for more power, even on a smaller excavator.
• Most cutting blades can be flipped in two ways, to use four different cutting edges for more production time per cutter.

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Superior and CMS Cepcor create partnership for crusher parts in North America

Superior Industries Inc., a U.S. based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, says it has entered into a strategic partnership with Europe's largest manufacturer of aftermarket crusher parts. For 40-plus years, CMS Cepcor has manufactured premium crusher spares for more than three dozen active and classic brands throughout Europe. The parts manufacturer recently expanded its global footprint when it launched CMS Cepcor Americas.

Watch Priestly Demolition demolish underground parking garage in confined downtown Toronto

Priestly Demolition is known for its tricky takedowns of old infrastructure in Ontario. Watch the company demolish a city-block-sized underground parking garage on busy Bay Street in downtown Toronto. Challenges include limited space for machine storage and need to keep roads clear for children's hospital emergency vehicle access.

New location to double production capacity for Rockster

Continuous expansion, high quality standards as well as short delivery deadlines made such a step necessary for the manufacturer of mobile crushing and screening machinery, Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH from Ennsdorf. The acquisition of a 10,000 m² property in Neumarkt im Mühlkreis (Upper Austria) promises to provide a strong and needed force in a continuous growth and market demand.

KINSHOFER P-series orange peel grapples handle heavier loads and increase efficiency

KINSHOFER offers an extensive range of excavator orange peel grapples for scrap, demolition, loading and unloading applications. Unlike competitive grapples, according to Kinshofer, the P-Series hydraulic system is fully enclosed and protected, reducing the risk of damage to hoses and other components. Additionally, the grapple's unique tine design enhances material penetration, increasing the amount contractors can safely secure in one cycle and saving time on the jobsite. 

Versatility and mobility: an in-depth report on impact crushers

Impact crushers have broad appeal across various sectors and for good reasons. Our panel of experts provides insight as to why this is, plus information on the dynamic market for impact crushers in Canada, their applications and advantages, customization and options, as well as what to consider when buying an impact crusher.

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New Pitbull Grizzly screen an economical option for small- to mid-sized contractors

Lake Erie Portable Screeners introduces the heavy-duty Pitbull PB678 Static Grizzly. The compact screen is a smaller version of the popular PB148 for added jobsite versatility and pairs well with the Pitbull 2300 screening plant, making it an economical option for operations looking for a compact solution to sort oversize material on a reduced scale. The PB678 Static Grizzly includes features for easy bar removal or adjustments as well as transportability. It is ideal for a wide range of industries, including aggregates, mining, scrap, excavation, demolition, forestry and landscaping.

CDE latest intelligent plant using AI technology

At bauma 2019, CDE launched a new intelligent wet processing plant featuring the manufacturer's pioneering next generation technology. The new plant utilises advances in machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor and automate previously manual processes, for application in quarries, mines and recycling operations. Enabling the plant to make smart decisions in real time, this latest model can boost productivity by up to 40 percent with a payback period of under six months. (Based on outcome for a beta testing customer in Europe.)

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