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Rotochopper, Inc

Address 217 West St, PO Box 295, St. Martin, MN, 56376, US
Phone 320-548-3586
Fax 320-548-3586
Email [email protected]
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Rotochopper, Inc. manufacturers an extensive line-up of diesel and electric grinding equipment for transforming wood waste, asphalt shingles, and other resources into premium fiber products like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, biomass fuel, hot-mix asphalt supplement (from shingles), and compost. The Rotochopper Go-Bagger 250 offers on-site bagging convenience for mulch, topsoil, and many other commodities.

B-66 Horizontal Grinder
FP-66 Horizontal Grinder
EC-366 Electric Horizontal Grinder
RG-1 Purpose-Built Shingle Grinder
GB-250 Portable Bagging System
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Customer feedback based on proven designs is shaping the latest wood waste processing machines

Multiple major manufacturers of horizontal grinders have released new models in 2018. HOGS, as they are sometimes called (HOrizontal GrinderS), are unquestionably the workhorse of the wood recycling industry and are a key piece of equipment for composters, land clearing contractors and biomass-for-energy producers, as well as C&D and MSW processors, where in both cases, wood and other organics are part of a mixed stream of materials. The latest model horizontal grinders feature lighter weights with higher production, increased transportability and site mobility, diesel, hybrid and fully electric power options, along with sophisticated controls systems, and ease of use and maintenance for operators and owners. This article looks at the latest horizontal grinder models and updates from Morbark, CW Mill, Rotochopper, CBI, Diamond Z, Bandit, Vermeer, Precision Husky, and Peterson Pacific.

​Rotochopper launches 1,000 horsepower B-66E electric horizontal grinder

To help customers process increased volumes of waste materials, Rotochopperhas introduced a new 1,000 horsepower dual-motor drive option for the B-66 E electric-powered horizontal grinder. The dual-motor drive is designed to reduce operating and maintenance costs compared to a single-motor drive, as well as minimize amperage surges at start-up.

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​Rotochopper Hosts 7th Annual Demo Day

Rotochopper, Inc. hosted their 7th annual Demo Day on September 13th. Approximately 120 customers and prospects from the US and Canada attended the event with the theme "See Red Go Green".  The day began with tours of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, providing attendees the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacture, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also provided guests the opportunity to meet the teams who design, build, and support their Rotochopper equipment. 

​Rotochopper announces Generation 2 Colorizer

Rotochopper has announced the launch of their Generation 2 Colorizer. The Generation 2 Colorizer builds on the success of the original Rotochopper patent by increasing throughput capacity without sacrificing single-pass coverage. The original Colorizer patent gives Rotochopper grinders the exclusive advantage of injecting colourant directly in the grinding chamber, using the force of the grinding process to evenly coat all mulch particles.

​Rotochopper hosts 6th annual Demo Day showcasing latest in grinders and shredders for organics

With over 200 attendees, Rotochopper’s 6th annual Demo Day, held recently in Minnesota, was its largest event yet, bringing in guests from all over the world to see the “Perfect In One Pass” advantage live and in person, and to learn how to maximize the profit in their waste materials. This year's Demo Day began with tours of the company's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, giving attendees the opportunity to see Rotochopper grinders in every stage of manufacture, from cutting to final inspection and testing. The facility tours also allowed guests to meet the teams who design, build and support their equipment.