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Address 6750 Millbrook Road, Remus, MI, 49340, US
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Since introducing the original 12" capacity Model 100 Brush Bandit chipper in 1983, Mike Morey Sr. has launched his company and the cuddly raccoon known as ‘Bandit' into industry powerhouse status in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Twenty-five years ago, the first ‘Bandit' was born in a meager 6,000 square-foot converted repair shop, with the assistance of six employees. Since that first stand-alone building in 1983, the company has expanded or built a new facility every two years. Present manufacturing facilities exceed 240,000 square feet at the Millbrook and North Winn locations, located in central Michigan. Bandit Industries, Inc. is now a full line manufacturer of over 35 unique chippers, stumpers and waste reduction units.

With each expansion, Bandit sought out and hired hard-working, dedicated employees to keep growing in the right direction. From the original six employees in 1983, Bandit now flourishes with over 340 employees. Bandit's strength lies heavily in the quality and commitment of their employees: many have been with the company for over 15 years and have moved their way up into management positions.

From the beginning, the hydraulic-feed hand-fed disc-style brush chipper has been Bandit's bread and butter. There are more than 35,000 in operation worldwide. From the original 65-horsepower Model 100 Brush Bandit, they now offer eight different models with engine options up to 215-horsepower. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the original Brush Bandit chipper, Bandit is offering two Limited Edition Anniversary chippers, a disc- and a drum-style chipper, complete with Deluxe Option Packages and special rebate. More information on these exclusive chippers can be found on their website or by contacting corporate headquarters.

In addition to the line-up of Limited Edition chippers, Bandit currently offers five models of hand-fed drum chippers with chipping capacities from 12" to 20" and engine options up to 250-horsepower. Because of the nature of their design, hydraulic-feed drum-style chippers can process a higher level of limby material and provide wider chipper openings, making them a popular choice for high-capacity tree services. A commemorative Model 1590XP Limited Edition drum-style chipper is also available through the end of 2008.

In the early 90s, Bandit began to focus on building whole tree chippers for tree service and land clearing contractors. Since then, Bandit has developed three high-production disc-style whole tree chippers and three drum-style whole tree chippers with engine options up to 1000-horsepower. Many Bandit whole tree chippers are available with self-propelled track undercarriages and optional loaders.

To meet the growing needs of the industry, Bandit expanded their line of equipment to include compact, high-production stump grinders. The first Bandit stump grinder was introduced in 2003 at the annual TCI Expo. Bandit now offers a handful of compact towable and self-propelled Caterpillar track stump grinders for the tree care, rental and landscape industry.

Increased demand for grinding stumps in the land clearing and site development markets lead Bandit to develop a line of self-propelled high-capacity stump grinders. The powerful Models 3400 and 4000, equipped with heavy-duty Caterpillar track undercarriages and engine options up to 300-horsepower, quickly and efficiently grind stumps on site. The Model 4000 can be equipped with an optional 8-½ foot forestry mower attachment.

In 1995, the Beast entered the scene. These unique waste reduction machines have become extremely popular in the tree care, land clearing, municipal and recycling industries. The patented cuttermill system allows you to cut, split or grind waste material into valuable products. Bandit currently manufactures four models of Beast Recycler with engine options up to 1200-horsepower.

In addition to a consistent expansion of facilities and product offerings, Bandit has also continued to expand their dealer network worldwide. Bandit dealers provide valuable services and support to their customers on the front lines. Bandit emphasizes dealer training in both sales and service support to ensure that our customers receive the best care. There are currently over 150 dealer locations worldwide in over 50 countries.

In the end, Bandit's customers have remained their number one priority. "We pride ourselves on the number of repeat customers who buy and rent our equipment," said Marketing Manager Ray Eluskie. "Listening to the ideas and suggestions of those who use our equipment has led to the development of many of our products. We consider our relationship with our customers a partnership," he continued. "It's the success of our customers that has led to our success as a manufacturer."

"What the customer wants, the customer gets," added Sales Manager Casey Gross. Gross has been with Bandit since the beginning, 25 years ago. "Here at Bandit, our equipment has always been built in bays - not on assembly lines - making it easy to add on features and options in the manufacturing process," he continued. "Our equipment is custom built. You get your equipment the way you want it, not the way we want it."

It takes more than just words to move to the top of the pack, and through the dedication of employees, dealers, sales staff and a strong commitment to quality and customer service, Bandit has proven their rank as an industry leader and has been able to enjoy industry success for twenty-five years, thanks to the joint success of their loyal customers.

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