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Address 1210 Vermeer Road East, Pella, IA, 50219, US
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As an industrial and agricultural equipment company, Vermeer Corporation manufactures machines that make a real impact in a progressing world. Vermeer offers customers a full line of high-quality underground construction, environmental, tree care, surface mining and agricultural equipment. Vermeer machines carry a reputation for being built tough, built to perform and built for value.

Headquartered in Pella, Iowa, USA, with affiliated companies and independent dealer locations around the world, Vermeer is committed to meeting customers’ needs in more than 60 nations. Those customers are at the core of the business and supported by reliable, localized customer service and support provided by independent dealers. That support has been part of the culture at Vermeer for more than six decades.

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Vermeer and US Compost Council announce partnership to offer one-year complimentary membership

Vermeer Corporation and the US Composting Council (USCC) are teaming up to give organic waste recycling companies a complimentary one-year membership with the purchase of a new Vermeer horizontal grinder, tub grinder, trommel screen or compost turner. A membership to the USCC provides organic waste recyclers access to valuable educational resources and training, networking opportunities and better visibility within the compost industry. To qualify for this offer, equipment purchases need to be made by Dec. 31, 2019.

Customer feedback based on proven designs is shaping the latest wood waste processing machines

Multiple major manufacturers of horizontal grinders have released new models in 2018. HOGS, as they are sometimes called (HOrizontal GrinderS), are unquestionably the workhorse of the wood recycling industry and are a key piece of equipment for composters, land clearing contractors and biomass-for-energy producers, as well as C&D and MSW processors, where in both cases, wood and other organics are part of a mixed stream of materials. The latest model horizontal grinders feature lighter weights with higher production, increased transportability and site mobility, diesel, hybrid and fully electric power options, along with sophisticated controls systems, and ease of use and maintenance for operators and owners. This article looks at the latest horizontal grinder models and updates from Morbark, CW Mill, Rotochopper, CBI, Diamond Z, Bandit, Vermeer, Precision Husky, and Peterson Pacific.

Vermeer Damage Defense System creates a more efficient operation for WasteAway Recycling & Environmental

In American football, teams must be efficient at offense, defense and special teams, and they need to work well together to win games. Similarly, the three companies owned by AGI Environmental Inc. work very well together to excel in the waste and recycling industry. The star of the team is Ground Force Environmental Inc., which does civil, industrial and technology environmental remediation work throughout the province of Ontario and beyond. AGI's trucking company, RCT Bins, transports waste from worksites and municipalities, and finally, WasteAway Recycling & Environmental, located in Kitchener, Ontario, processes all of the material brought in from the two companies, as well as from other area sources. 

Homer Industries branching out with Vermeer grinders

For Homer Industries, "roots were planted" in 1950 when Joseph Reposh began offering Lockport, Illinois residents and businesses tree care services. Known then as Homer Tree Service, the little family-owned company slowly grew over the span of more than three decades before Ronald Reposh purchased it from his father in 1985. Under his watchful eye the company continued to grow steadily; the business really took off in 1997 when it expanded into land clearing services. 

New full track option for Vermeer CT718 Compost Turner

The popular Vermeer CT718 compost turner can now be equipped with full-length steel tracks, an option best suited for rough and muddy ground conditions. The new full track option is one of four drive systems available for the CT718 compost turner that also include two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and two-wheel plus two short tracks drive system.

SIMPLE MATH: Crunching the Numbers leads to alternative fuel source for Bevo Farms

Simple math - that's the answer Leo Benne of Bevo Farms provides when asked why North America's top propagation company got into the wood waste recycling business. With 48 acres (19.4 hectares) of greenhouses in Langley, British Columbia, and another 5.5 acres (2.2 hectares) in neighbouring Pitt Meadows, it takes an incredible amount of energy to keep Bevo Farms' facilities at the right temperatures during the colder months of the year. So when natural gas prices began to rise in the early 2000s, the company began considering alternative fuel sources and added a wood boiler for its heating system - a decision that eventually led Bevo Farms into the wood waste recycling industry.

Vermeer offers brush chipper with gas engine

Vermeer continues to expand its line of gas chippers with the introduction of the BC1800XL gas brush chipper — its largest, most powerful gas model to-date. Sharing the same performance qualities as its diesel counterpart, the new Vermeer BC1800XL gas brush chipper is the right machine for large-diameter chipping jobs, ranging from land clearing to tree care operations.

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Trommel screen expands Vermeer recycling equipment line

Vermeer is expanding its line of recycling equipment with the addition of a new trommel screen. Outfitted with a 74 hp (55 kW) Deutz TD 2.9L Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IV) engine, the powerful Vermeer TR5300 trommel screen delivers a drum speed of 0-24 rpm to handle multiple material types. The trommel screen's conveyors have the ability to lower parallel to the ground giving the operator more control over dust and wind, while also allowing for easier maintenance area access.

Damage Defense system available on Vermeer tub and horizontal grinders

To help reduce the likelihood of major machine damage caused by certain metal contaminants entering the hammermill, Vermeer has introduced the Damage Defense system - an option now available for tub and horizontal grinders. If the mill comes in contact with metal while grinding, the Damage Defense system will alert the grinder control and automatically initiate the shutdown process. The system idles the engine down, reverses the infeed or tub and disengages the clutch. Once the contaminant is cleared, normal operation can resume. 

New Vermeer WC2500TX whole tree chipper packs power in compact design

Vermeer has extended its whole tree chipper product line with the introduction of the WC2500TX tracked whole tree chipper. The WC2500TX offers the same performance and compact design as the recently released WC2500XL whole tree chipper by Vermeer, but is equipped with a tracked undercarriage to aid in maneuverability in the woods and on tough landclearing sites.  

Capitalizing on an opportunity

When landfills throughout the United States and Canada began banning yard waste dumping in the 1990s, entrepreneurial-minded individuals carved out new businesses for themselves by opening yard waste transfer stations and compost facilities to collect grass clippings, sod, leaves, as well as tree branches, limbs and logs. Collecting all this material was a new way of making money, but the real opportunity was in taking someone else's waste and turning it into a useful product. 

New Vermeer HG6800TX horizontal grinder packs power in compact design

Vermeer has introduced the new HG6800TX horizontal grinder. Featuring 950 hp (708 kW) in a 92,000 lb (41,730.5 kg) class, and an infeed design to aid in feeding larger material such as whole trees, the new grinder is built to power through tough materials with less operator interaction. More information on the HG6800TX will be available on in the coming months.