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Kobelco Construction Machinery U.S.A Inc. - SK210D Demolition Excavators

To meet customersʼ needs our equipment has seen constant upgrades. We have now launched a new multi-dismantling machine that represents a groundbreaking evolution with its increased productivity due to savings on fuel. A machine destined to be a major player in boosting metals recycling in the US.

Features & Benefits

Engine dismantling

Speed increased ten-fold over hand dismantling!

Dismantling complex parts

Separates components of various metals.

Dismantling complex parts

Separates components of various metals.

Vehicle dismantling work

Four times the vehicle dismantling capacity compared with hand dismantling.

KOBELCOʼs Innovation Clamp Arm

The clamp arm holds a large item in a firm grip for dismantling. It opens to right and left, and is fitted with grips and teeth to grasp hold of smaller objects for cutting etc.,

Fine Control Allows Swift, Point-perfect Positioning

Attachment starts and stops are smooth, with no sudden speed changes in simultaneous operations. The smooth inching control is essential for small-scale work.

New Spacious Cab Has High-strength Design

Newly designed cab provides a spacious interior and a wide field of view. Its high-strength construction has additional grilles across two sides to protect operator.