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Kobelco Construction Machinery U.S.A Inc. - SK1000DLC Demolition Excavators

This 220,000-lbs {100-ton} class large building demolition machine excels in both reach and performance – The new SK1000DLC. From the GD ultra long attachment with a maximum work height of about 130 feet {40 m}, to the powerful separate boom attachment which can crush high-strength reinforced concrete for foundation demolition, we have an extensive variety of attachments.

Features & Benefits

Multi-purpose main boom can change attachments

Uses a separated boom attachment. Commonality with the base machine and the main boom allows you to change the attachment based on work conditions or remove and install the insert boom, increasing working rate.

Neat assembly and disassembly and a shipping setting

We’ve prepared an optional removable trans-lifter for safely attaching/removing the crawler and loading the base machine onto a trailer. The counterweight also uses a separable, stacking type that is convenient for shipping and easy to remove.

Equip a large Nibbler (crusher) to increase productivity

We’ve prepared highly-reliable Kobelco Nibblers that are optimal for each attachment. You can equip up to a 22,000-lbs {10-ton} class large Nibbler on the separate boom attachment and a 11,000-lbs {5-ton} class one on the HD ultra long attachment.

Allows for priority on fuel efficiency

Choose from 3 work modes. In addition to H Mode, which prioritizes work amount, and S Mode, which balances work amount with fuel efficiency, we added a new setting – E C O M o d e , which allows for operation that reduces fuel costs.

Always maintains optimal heat balance

Uses an auto-cool fan, which controls the fan speed based on changes in the engine coolant temperature, thus helping prevent overheating.

Installed a new, more comfortable DS cab

Based on a cab with four reinforced support pillars, we installed a DS cab equipped with a 3-sided guard, sashless structure, and head guard compliant with FOPS (falling objects protective structure) level 1.


Key Specifications
Engine 509 hp 380 kW / 1,800 rpm
Operating Weight 220,000 lbs 100,000 kg
Drawbar pulling force 143,200 lbf {637 kN} (SAE J 1309)
Gradeability 180% {10°}
Swing Speed 8.4 {8.4} min-1 {rpm}