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CP Group - CP Anti-Wrap Screen Stationary Screens

MRF operators face big challenges. Disc screen wrapping doesn't have to be one of them.

Flex-packing and film tend to wrap around standard screen shafts. The CP Anti-Wrap Screen™ has high-agitation discs and extra-large rotor shafts to mitigate wrapping and reduce jamming. Because it runs at peak performance for every shift, the result is higher quality paper and container streams.

Features & Benefits

Accurate separation of newsprint and large fiber from the material stream

Oversized shaft circumference mitigates wrapping

Simple design keeps total number of discs and use of rubber to a minimum

Non-pinching motion eliminates jamming

High amplitude design agitates containers away from paper

Designed for safety: Foolproof lock out tag out mechanism with larger access door

One-bolt discs are easy to change

Company Info

6795 Calle de Linea
San Diego, CA
US, 92154


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