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CP Anti-Wrap Screen introduced

New screen designed to provide accurate newsprint and large fiber separation with reduced maintenance

CP Anti-Wrap Screen introduced

CP Group has introduced the CP Anti-Wrap Screen, the California-based recycling equipment manufacturer's second new screen of 2018. The new CP Anti-Wrap Screen accurately separates newsprint and large fiber from material streams by using high-amplitude elliptical discs to agitate material.  

Terry Schneider, President and CEO of CP Group, says, "With more flex-packaging and film showing up in the material stream, wrapping is a serious concern for many MRF operators. The CP Anti-Wrap Screen uses high-agitation discs and extra-large rotor shafts to mitigate wrapping. The rubberized discs run with a non-pinching motion that eliminates jamming. These features allow it to run at peak performance throughout a shift. No unscheduled maintenance breaks due to wrapping or jamming." 

The CP Anti-Wrap Screen is equipped with CP's lock out tag out mechanism with large access door, providing optimal safety to the operating staff.  CP Group says they have installed the CP Anti-Wrap Screen in several plants, and plans to incorporate it into MRF designs in the future. 

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