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Recycling Equipment Canada - DrycloneTM Air Drying Systems

The DrycloneTM Air Drying System from Resource Converting (RCI) is a revolutionary non-thermal air drying system for wet semi-solid materials. The Dryclone uses a high-velocity air stream and physical impaction to separate water mechanically from the feedstock material. Dryclone systems can reduce feedstock moisture content from over 75% moisture content to less than 15%. The Dryclone is a cleaner, lower cost, and more efficient alternative to drum dryers, fluidized bed dryers, and other natural gas dryers.

Features & Benefits

Minimal loss of VOCs retains maximum energy content in your feedstock

Pulverizing action can achieve size reduction and blending of feedstock

Modular design is easily scalable as your operation grows

Fast startup and shutdown enables flexible operating schedule

No gas burner exhaust to manage

No liquid output to manage

No technical adjustments required when switching feedstock materials

Unique licensing model protects your investment