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The Dryclone air drying system provides energy-efficient way to decrease moisture in food waste

Food waste continues to be a huge challenge in Canada, according to the March 2018 report of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC).  According to the CEC report, 396 kilograms of food is lost or wasted per capita each year across the food supply chain in Canada. Longer-term solutions will need to involve legislative and behavioural changes - for industry and consumers. But what can be done about the problem right now?

Recycling Equipment Canada and Iris-Mec launch visual component for vehicle depollution systems

The new end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing regulations now in force in Ontario and coming to other provinces are having a significant impact on the automobile recycling sector. With increased depollution requirements, Recycling Equipment Canada (REC), based in Waterloo, Ontario, set out to find the safest, easiest-to-use, and highest-quality solution to enable its auto recycling customers to meet the new standards. REC focused its search on Europe, where similar regulations have been in place longer, and concluded that Iris-Mec equipment was the right choice. Since launching Iris-Mec in Canada in 2014, REC has sold many systems to used auto parts and scrap metal recycling customers. 

Boundless Energy Recycling appointed exclusive distributor for RCI Dryclone Non-Thermal Drying Systems

Recycling Equipment Company of Canada Inc., Master Distributor of RCI Dryclone™ Non-Thermal Drying Systems, is pleased to announce that Boundless Energy Recycling Inc. of Calgary, AB is now the exclusive distributor of Dryclone for Western Canada, California, Washington, and Oregon, with additional exclusive territories to be announced soon.

​Canadian Nuclear Laboratories employs new shredder to convert scrap wood into bulk material for landfill cover​

At the beginning of 2016, Chalk River Laboratories (CRL), Ontario/Canada, which is part of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), put into operation a Lindner Urraco 75 DK mobile shredder. The machine was supplied by Waterloo, Ontario-based Recycling Equipment Canada, Lindner America's authorized Canadian dealer. On site at the company's landfill for non-contaminated waste, which is operated by the CNL's Decommissioning & Waste Management division, the shredder is in permanent use crushing wood, plastics and light materials from demolition, renovation and new building work. On the 40 km² site with around 160 buildings, this debris occurs primarily in the form of pallets, construction timber, trees and brush, asphalt, metal containers, plastic pipes and furniture. Apart from significantly reducing the volume of the waste, the Urraco also assumes the task of preparing the wood fraction into an easily compactible bulk product that can be mixed with regular daily cover material and spread over the working face of the landfill at the end of every working day. In this way, the company complies with the regulation to cover the waste collected during the course of a day with a 150 mm thick layer of wood and soil mixture, thus mitigating the need to bring in earth especially for this purpose.

Recycling Equipment Canada adds Sierra two-ram balers, material handlers and grapples to its equipment line

Recycling Equipment Canada announced this summer that it is now an authorized distributor of the REB line of two-ram balers, material handlers and grapples from California-based Sierra International Machinery. Sierra provides processing equipment to the scrap and recycling industries, and says that because they operate as a major scrap processor as well as an equipment manufacturer, the company is in the unique position of being able to test and prove their equipment in a real production environment before bringing it to market.

Non-thermal air drying system for wet waste materials increases efficiency of WtoE

Ontario-based distributor Recycling Equipment Canada (REC) has announced the availability of the RCI Dryclone™ Air Drying System, a "revolutionary" non-thermal air drying system for drying wet waste materials. Using only a high-velocity air stream and physical impaction to remove moisture, Dryclone can dry materials with up to 75% moisture content to less than 15%. Dryclone is a significantly lower-cost and cleaner solution than thermal drying processes such as ring dryers, flash dryers, drum dryers, and fluidized bed dryers.

BACE vertical balers designed for paper recyclers

BACE Baler and Compaction Equipment vertical balers are specifically engineered for paper recycling applications in IC&I and recycling facilities, and are built specifically to meet Canadian safety standards. According to Recycling Equipment Canada (REC), the Ontario-based supplier for BACE, these balers offer high quality and high efficiency with lower operating costs over the long term. 

Recycling Equipment Canada announces availability of latest products from Ameri-Shred

Recycling Equipment Canada (REC) has announced the availability of the latest shredding solutions from Ameri-Shred, which include:

  • A new solid state and rotary hard drive shredder (shown here)
  • A new larger truck-mounted hard-drive shredding system
  • Two new series of cross cut industrial paper shredders

IRIS-MEC expands lineup in Canadian and U.S. auto recycling markets

With manufacturing based in Italy, IRIS-MEC is a relative newcomer to the North American auto recycling sector over the past year. In 2015, the company says they launched new state-of-the-art auto recycling equipment that is not only efficient, but sets the bar for technology vs price and will take any automotive recycling facility to the next level when it comes to efficiency and environmental compliance.

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Not All Baling Wire Is Created Equal

It is tempting to shop for baling wire on price alone. Cheap baling wire can save you money in the short term, but can wind up costing more in breakages, damage to equipment and costly down time. We thought it would be helpful to set out some of the advantages of high-quality baling wire, and why you should consider more factors than just price when making buying decisions. Here’s what you need to look for when buying baling wire.

Italian-built auto de-pollution equipment now available in Canada

With increasing regulation of end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling, it’s important for auto recyclers to make sure they have de-pollution equipment that meets all current and upcoming standards. Italy-based Iris-Mec manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment for removing hazardous materials from end-of-life vehicles, including vehicle lifts, racks, fluid drainage systems, airbag deactivators, glass cutters, wheel splitters, containment tanks, and gasoline extractors. Iris-Mec equipment is designed to be user friendly, efficient, safe and meets all applicable Canadian safety standards. Recently, Iris-Mec entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Ontario-based Recycling Equipment Canada (REC) for the sales and servicing of Iris-Mec products nationwide.

Ballistic separator for single-stream recycling

Distributed in Canada by Recycling Equipment Canada, the new Excelarator 15T-SS ballistic separator is capable of processing over 15 tons of single-stream waste per hour, with less than three percent contamination in the paper fibre output stream. Its design enables accurate separation of glass and fines, two-dimensional (paper and fibre) and three-dimensional materials (containers) in a single machine.