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Recycling Product News' 2023 Top Introductions

Take a look at some of the most notable new machines and technologies introduced this year

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Here are our Top Introductions of 2023.

As 2023 comes to an end, we can look back on some of the most notable new machines and technologies that were introduced this year. Many machines stood out, but the most prominent trend in the industry was the further development of electric and hybrid machines. From robotic and optical sorters to material handlers and electric trucks, 2023 proved to be a year full of innovations aimed at improving operator experience and reducing emissions. Read on for Recycling Product News'  top equipment introductions of the year.

M&J Recycling's F320 E-drive electronic fine shredder M&J Recycling

M&J Recycling F320 E-drive electronic fine shredder

M&J Recycling F320 E-drive electronic fine shredder was built to operate on par with the hydraulic version – with the advantages that come with electric operation. The F320 E-drive delivers a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and solid-recovered fuel (SRF) output of 28 tonnes per hour while utilizing 20 percent less energy for production. Along with creating significantly less noise than a hydraulic drive due to the lack of large pumps, the F320 E-drive requires a lower amperage on the main power supply due to the smaller 160 kW electric motor used in the driveline. The driveline houses fewer moving components than a hydraulic drive, eliminating the need to supervise and exchange hydraulic components.

Find out more about M&J Recycling's F320 E-drive electronic fine shredder here.

A Brandt BMH40A material handler Brandt

Brandt BMH40A material handler

The Brandt BMH40A, which first debuted at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023, is a North American-designed and built material handler. Brandt prioritized reducing fuel consumption after a collaborative design process – involving both contractors and operators – resulting in an energy recovery system that counteracts 90 percent of boom/arm weight and works to maximize operating efficiency. A nitrogen-charged cylinder assists boom operation and reduces fuel consumption by a further 20 percent. This 40-ton machine utilizes John Deere components, enabling access to a wide dealership network to help reduce downtime from parts sourcing.

Find out more about Brandt's BMH40A material handler here.

A McNeilus Volterra ZSL electric collection vehicle McNeilus

McNeilus Volterra ZSL

Collection vehicles typically require the mounting of a refuse collection body to a third-party chassis. The Volterra ZSL from McNeilus, however, does not. According to McNeilus, this is North America's first fully integrated electric collection vehicle. The drivetrain utilizes an electric-axle system and lithium-ion batteries to enable a full day's collection on a single charge. The Volterra ZSL comes in multiple configurations, enabling recyclers to tailor the truck to the application. The zero-emission collection truck also utilizes a McNeilus Zero Radius side loader that reaches for the container instead of swinging out, helping operators navigate parked cars, narrow streets, and other obstacles.

Learn more about McNeilus' Volterra ZSL here.



Sensor-based sorting company TOMRA looked to harness laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology with the AUTOSORT PULSE. The AUTOSORT PULSE delivers high-quality aluminum scrap without time-consuming material preparation, sorting the infeed scrap by alloy. Aluminum scrap can travel through the machine and be properly sorted when painted, coated, or dusty. Regardless of size and surface, the machine's 3D object scanning uses multiple single-point scans to help sort large volumes of post-production and post-consumer aluminum scrap.

Learn more about TOMRA's AUTOSORT PULSE here.

A Lindemann NxtCut scrap metal shear Lindemann

Lindemann NxtCut hydraulic scrap shear

Celebrating its 110th year in 2023, Lindemann brought a next-generation scrap metal shear to the table. The NxtCut scrap metal shear is the successor to the Powercut shear for medium-heavy, bulky mixed scrap. With this 41 tph shear, Lindemann focused on creating an efficient solution developed specifically for processing medium volumes of varied materials. Available in two different configurations, the NxtCut is able to cut and pre-compress scrap, cut bars and profiles, make logs and bales out of light scrap, compress car bodies, and compress bulky scrap into logs. The drive unit can be installed next to the machine or in a prefabricated container frame of a fully enclosed container to help save space.

Learn more about Lindemann's NxtCut scrap metal shear here.

A Mack MD Electric Mack

Mack MD Electric

The MD Electric is Mack's second battery-electric vehicle and its first in the medium-duty class. After the success of the diesel-powered Mack MD, Mack decided to electrify the truck, expanding the range of its electric lineup. Available in Class 6 or 7 classifications, the electric truck features five different wheelbase configurations to fit the deployment. A three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor powers the MD Electric, and the truck can be charged with both AC and DC units. When designing the truck, Mack focused on reducing driver fatigue and distraction with a noise-insulated cabin and creating a smoother ride with a dual-airbag cab suspension system.

Learn more about Mack's MD Electric here.

A TANA Shark 440ET hybrid shredder TANA

TANA 440ET mobile shredder

TANA improved on its Shark 440 waste shredder with the new Shark 440ET. This hybrid shredder moves while using diesel fuel and shreds on electric power. The machine utilizes a small diesel engine so that it can be driven independently from one processing point to another. The electrical shredding utilizes two VEM electric motors to lower noise – 114 decibels compared to 120 decibels – and operation costs when shredding. The 440ET can handle tough materials like tires and mattresses while producing zero emissions.

Find out more about TANA's Shark 440ET here.

A Caterpillar MH3050 material handler Caterpillar

Cat MH3050 material handler

Caterpillar combined components of its next-generation excavators with a material handling cab to create the new Cat MH3050 material handler. The MH3050 is Caterpillar's largest material handler weighing in at 110,250 pounds and reaching up to 18 metres. The machine utilizes an advanced hydraulic system to help balance power and efficiency while improving cycle times. It's powered by a Cat C9.3B engine that is capable of operating on B20 biodiesel. Because of a wide undercarriage and stabilizer footprint, operators can work confidently and sturdily in place. Cat Payload, E-fence, Product Link, and Cab Avoidance technologies come standard to aid with loading, operation, and upkeep.

Learn more about Caterpillar's MH3050 material handler here.

A Vermeer CS35000 contaminant separator Vermeer

Vermeer CS3500 contaminant separator

Vermeer focused on versatility and reducing the labour involved in organics recycling when developing the CS3500 contaminant separator. In order to remove contaminants from compost and mulch, contaminant separation goes through five stages of removal through grizzly screens, shaker tables, vacuums, an air manifold, and an optional magnetic pulley. The separation process removes large and lightweight debris, Styrofoam, plastic bottles, other light contaminants, and small ferrous metals. All removed contaminants are moved to an adjustable conveyor to load containers, trucks, and stacked piles. Removing a wide range of contaminants helps organics recyclers create large volumes of compost and mulch. A 74-hp DEUTZ diesel hybrid electric engine powers the contaminant separator; however, recyclers can run the separator directly from an external power source.

Learn more about Vermeer's CS3500 contaminant separator here.

LiuGong's 865H-E MAX wheel loader LiuGong

LiuGong 856H-E MAX wheel loader

LiuGong North America sold its first battery electric wheel loader, the 856H-E MAX, in the U.S. during CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. While the machine is already established globally, having sold over 2,000 models worldwide, 2023 is the year LiuGong debuted this electric wheel loader to the North American market. To help with operator fatigue, the 856H-E MAX utilizes LiuGong's Intelligent Auto Digging System to carry out repetitive digging cycles automatically. Charging in 1.3 hours and boasting a 10.2-hour working capability in light applications and a 7.2-hour working capability in heavier applications, the battery-electric wheel loader excels when deployed at fixed-site locations where investments in charging infrastructure make sense.

Learn more about LiuGong's 856H-E MAX wheel loader here.

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