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BHS' ​Max-AI AQC selected for APR Plastics Recycling Showcase

Association of Plastic Recyclers selections highlight advancements in plastics recycling

BHS' ​Max-AI AQC selected for APR Plastics Recycling Showcase

The Max-AI AQC (Autonomous Quality Control) has been selected for recognition as a part of the Association of Plastic Recyclers' (APR) 2018 Plastics Recycling Showcase. The Max-AI AQC was launched in 2017 by Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) and Nashville, Tennessee-based National Recovery Technologies (NRT). The selection was announced during a recent APR Technical Forum, held February 12, in conjunction with the Plastics Recycling Conference in Nashville. NRT President Matthias Erdmannsdoerfer presented at the forum, and earlier in the day conference attendees visited NRT's headquarters to see live demonstrations of the Max-AI AQC.

"We are honored to have been selected to participate in the APR's Plastics Recycling Showcase," said Erdmannsdoerfer. "With more than 40 orders on four continents, the Max-AI AQC has generated tremendous industry excitement and acceptance - and we're really just getting started. We believe this technology is a breakthrough that will change the way the world recycles and permeate throughout the entire industrial recycling process. As longstanding members of the APR, we appreciate the association's commitment to innovation and leadership in the development of the plastics recycling industry and its long-term growth." 

Max-AI technology is an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. Through deep learning technology, Max-AI employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similar to the way a person does. The groundbreaking technology is driving improvements in MRF and PRF design, operational efficiency, recovery and purity, system optimization, maintenance, and more. The Max-AI Autonomous Quality Control (ACQ) combines this intelligent technology with a robotic sorter to pick and place up to six different material types in one location. The AQC outperforms manual sorting in this role, consistently making smart decisions and 65 picks per minute over multiple shifts. 

This innovation allows MRFs and PRFs to run longer with lower operational expenses, produce more products with increased purity, capture accurate data for reporting and dynamic optimization and adapt over time to the changing material mix without major capital expenses.

As The Voice of Plastics Recycling, the APR recognizes innovations that have a positive impact on the ability of a package or container to be recycled. The APR promotes the development of the plastics recycling industry by providing leadership for long-term industry growth and vitality. According to the APR: "We recognize that innovation drives the growth of recycling, and is essential to the success of the plastic recycling industry. The Showcase identifies, highlights and commends the industry's leading innovations developed by APR member companies that support the growth of plastics recycling. The selections are intended to illustrate what others can do to advance plastics recycling."

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is The Voice of Plastics Recycling. As the international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, membership includes independent recycling companies of all sizes, processing numerous resins, as well as consumer product companies, equipment manufacturers, testing laboratories, organizations, and others committed to the success of plastics recycling. APR advocates the recycling of all plastics. Visit for more information.

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