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ERIEZ - Model CP/TP Magnets

Suspended Magnetic separators have proven to be the most effective for the removal of unwanted iron from heavy burdens of material being conveyed on fast moving belts. They are ideal for separation applications on wet or dry, fine or coarse materials in large or small tonnages. Safe, sure, tramp iron removal protects costly processing machinery and assures the purity of the product.

The uniquely designed magnetic circuit is long and flat, providing a greater area of magnetic coverage with a maximum depth of field and with less head room required than with an electromagnet. Operating advantages are many, possibility of accidental shutdown and shutdown due to power failure is eliminated - strength never varies. The unit operates at peak efficiency at all times - no heat is generated. Elevated temperatures in the 100° to 200°F (38° to 93°C) range have virtually no effect on these separators.

Features & Benefits

o suit 8-196 inches (500-2000mm) wide conveyors as standard, with larger units available upon request

Multiple magnet circuit designs

Hydraulic and electric motor options

Range of sensors available


Key Specifications
Suspension heights 8-12 inches (200-400mm)

Company Info

2200 Asbury Road
Erie, PA
US, 16506


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