Rotochopper, Inc


Horizontal Grinder


Our largest, most sophisticated grinder, the B-66 simplifies high volume grinding with exclusive features designed to maximize uptime and end product control. The B-66 transforms a broad range of raw materials—whole trees, slabwood, railroad ties, asphalt roofing shingles, round and square bales, sorted C & D, wood chips, pallets—into engineered fiber commodities.

One simple difference separates the B-66 from every other grinder in its class: the B-66 is designed not just for high production but also for "Perfect In One Pass" finished product control. So you get the fiber size, texture, and even color that you need from your raw materials.



Key Specifications
Weight 67,500 - 90,000 lbs.
Power 700 - 950 HP diesel
Length 41'
Height 13' 3"
Width 9' 9"