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Rotobec - SERIES 3 X 2 TINE Grapples

The Rotobec Power Attachments (RPA) are up for anything. Each configuration is available with either a dangle rotation or one of Rotobec’s incredible RGP positioned rotations. The Demolition version is by far the toughest member of the RPA family. Fabricated from thicker steel and featuring beefed up guarding, this grapple is built to take a beating. The diversity of the RPA is simply unmatched by any other type of grapple available. Backed by Rotobec’s industry leading, 18 month/ 3,000 hour warranty and our world class service, the RPA is quite simply the world’s greatest power attachment.


Key specifications
Model: RPA 2030D32 Weight 620 kg, Height 99 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.40 m2
Model: RPA 3045D32 Weight 786 kg, Height 130 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.46 m2
Model: RPA 4570D32 Weight 1,170 kg, Height 173 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.71 m2
Model: RPA 6010D32 Weight 2,077 kg, Height 211 cm, Area (tip to tip) 1.11 m2

Company Info

200 Rue Industrielle
Sainte-Justine, QC
CA, G0R 1Y0


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