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Optimax 950 Mid-Weight Loader

Rotobec’s Optimax 950 mid-weight loader is designed to push the boundaries of capabilities in its class. The Optimax 950 comes standard with an 18,000-pound maximum lift capacity, 75-hp high-efficiency electric motor and a standard 27-foot heavy-duty boom. Other key features include a 38-inch slewing ring, 4,200 psi operating pressure and 35cc dual swing motors.

Full line of stationary mount loaders

Rotobec recently announced the release of a full line of stationary mount loaders. Built upon the knowledge and expertise from years of industry-leading design in truck mounted loaders and attachments, Rotobec now offers five models of stationary mount to fit various applications, including the Elite SM, Horizon SM, Optimax SM, Evolution SM and Titan SM (shown here).  

Horizon truck-mount or stationary-mount loader

The Horizon is a high capacity loader that combines smoothness and precision with high lift capacity. It mounts easily to trucks or railroad flatbeds for easy transportation, and has a continuous rotation along with other options. It is ideal for use in scrap, rail, forestry, aggregate handling, and for loading and unloading loose ties/rail segments.

Truck-mount loaders

 Rotobec’s versatile line of truck-mount loaders are built tough, but without unnecessary weight, feature continuous rotation or limited rotation as required by the application, and are fully customizable with options such as cabs, heaters and AC and telescopic booms. The Rotobec Elite loader (shown above) combines smoothness and precision with high lift capacity. Rotobec says the loader weighs almost 20 percent less than its competitors, mounts easily on truck and railroad flatbeds for easy transportation and features continuous rotation along with other options. 

VTN FB crushing bucket

The VTN FB Crushing Bucket, distributed by Rotobec Inc., is engineered to provide the “ideal crush in place solution.” High manganese-content wear plates provide hundreds of hours of service and can be rotated, and the flat nature of the plates as well as oscillating movement provides excellent through-put of rebar. An optional magnet base on the FB also makes rebar sorting a breeze. The VTN FB crushing bucket is available in four sizes and is set up to handle a wide variety of lugging types.    

Rotobec RPA grapples

Rotobec Power Attachments (RPA) are high-quality, versatile grapples that are ideal for use in scrap, recycling and waste industries, and are highly effective in a wide variety of other applications. RPA grapples are made to be compatible with excavators ranging from 10,000 to 100,000+ pounds.  

VTN CI Shear and VF Concrete Crusher

The VTN CI Shear is designed to work on second member or third member mounts. These shears feature a unique shape that allows work in difficult above-ground building and bridge demolition. The CI shear is available for machines from 10,000 to 150,000 pounds. Units are composed entirely of Hardox 400 and have excellent service life due to rotatable cutting edges.  

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Multi utility tool

The CS series multi utility tool is designed for demolition contractors and for jobs where materials vary regularly. From the VTN Rotobec line of demolition attachment products, this versatile tool holder can be equipped with multiple jaw sets to tackle shearing, pulverizing and cutting applications.

Power attachment grapples

Rotobec Power Attachment grapples (RPA) are engineered to offer a high level of versatility in various material handling applications due to multiple jaw configuration options, including rake/rake, rake/bucket, or bucket/bucket. Units will carry out demanding jobs in C&D, logging, scrap and waste handling, when equipped with a positioned rotator.

New generation orange peel grapples

The new generation of Rotobec orange peel grapples offer an ultra-strong structure with sealed oversized pins and bushings, high-pressure cylinders with extremely durable guarding (patent pending) and mechanical stoppers in both fully opened and fully closed positions.

Mini-power attachments

Rotobec’s versatile mini-power attachment grapples are designed to allow mini excavators to handle debris, waste or stones. Units utilize sealed rotators, protected against water and dust, guaranteeing effectiveness in various climactic conditions. An integrated selection valve allows for easy installation and only requires a single hydraulic circuit to operate its opening, closing and rotating functions.