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Rotobec - Multi-Purpose Grapples Grapples

Rotobec’s line of Light Duty Grapples includes our Multi-Purpose Grapple and the very popular Waste Collection Grapple. These lightweight attachments are ideally mounted on self loaders and can be used to pick up every material imaginable. They are commonly used on municipal vehicles for waste pickup and storm clean up. They are available with both high and low pressure cylinders and in a variety of sizes, allowing for installation on every type of loader. If you are in need of a do-everything attachment, there is a Rotobec Light Duty Grapple ready for the challenge.


Key specifications
Model: 5509 MUL Weight 336 kg, Height 66 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.24 m2
Model: 5609 MUL Weight 404 kg, Height 66 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.3 m2
Model: 6007 MUL Weight 526 kg, Height 79 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.40 m2
Model: 6609 MUL Weight 569 kg, Height 81 cm, Area (tip to tip) 0.49 m2

Company Info

200 Rue Industrielle
Sainte-Justine, QC
CA, G0R 1Y0


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